World Situation

After the events taking place on Altis and Stratis, to prevent an all-out world war NATO and CSAT declared a ceasefire. However during this time a new cold war has begun with both sides utilising other countries to conduct de-facto wars against each other.

During this time the world has essentially been split into 2 parts, East and West. While events that may be happening in the East cause outrage across the Western world NATO are powerless to step in and help. PMCs across the world have become invaluable for resolving situations and conflicts where the world leaders cannot go.

During this time of crisis multiple PMCs have distinguished or disgraced themselves through actions across the world.

Recognised PMC Standings
  • ION PMC - [Distinguished]
  • Militaires Sans Frontières - [Neutral]
  • Theseus Incoporated - [Distinguished]
  • Vanguard PMC - [Disgraced]

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April 2020

Mike Woods promoted to Director of Operations, Kelly Gingras assumed Director of Security

February 2020

October 2018

Kelly Gingras promoted to Director of Operations
Krestoffer Kresky promoted and replaced Cory Larose as Director of Security

July 2018

Cory Larose replaced Mike Corello as Director of Security
Brent Knyte retired as an Archivist

February 2018

December 2016

John James replaced David Andersen as Director of Aviation

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