February 2018

Theseus deploys in Cambodia

A long standing conflict between two major military factions has erupted into war. The two factions have had a troubling relationship for a long while, as the Cambodian Defence Force (CDF) sought to improve their relationship with the US, while the Red Star Militia (RSM) was leaning towards Russia. With the government not being able to deal with the situation properly, the two military forces were constantly on each others toes for years.
Civilian protests started appearing, with one particular group, now known as the Khmer Rebels, claiming Cambodia should be fully independent, and all ties to US and Russia should be cut.
The group made a drastic move, when they attacked the Cambodian Parliament directly, killing numerous of politicians. The true motive of the attack remains unknown, but the Red Star Militia quickly saw an opportunity, and moved in to attempt to seize power for themselves. Additionally, they made a move on several Cambodian Defence Force military installations, which caught CDF off guard.

Not wanting the country to fall to the Red Star Militia, USPACOM has been attempting to assist CDF in various of ways, but with the war escalating the way it has, they’ve been unable to do much.
Not willing to send in a proper military force, as it could spark a potential conflict with Russia, USPACOM has opted for private contractors who could operate in the country with minimal ties to the US. One of those contractors is Theseus Inc., who has been deployed to the Cambodian region “Prei Khmaoch Luong”.

November 2016

Remember, remember, the fifth of November

Two weeks ago, Theseus' contract on Altis nearly came to an explosive conclusion as CSAT Loyalists bombed Altean President Pavlos Severini's speach in Neochori. Although the joint presence and professional response of Altean Police Forces and Theseus contractors limited the bombers' access to the gathered crowd, the Loyalist bombers were able to destroy a nearby vehicle park. While Theseus security contractors evacuated the President and his retinue to a secure facility, APF units moved to secure the town. Initial APF reports indicate Theseus' presence on the ground and in the air were instrumental in preventing Loyalists from placing additional explosives.

The Neochori bombing marks the beginning of renewed violence across the island as AAF units and civilians react to the attempted assassination. Supporters continue attempting to flee the violence, escaping to the regions held by their respective side. Ongoing talks to allow the free relocation of civilians are now on indefinite hold. AAF units stationed along the developing trench line report increased movement and gunfire targetting their positions. Attempts at aerial reconnaissance have been unsuccessful. AAF commanders fear CSAT is increasing their support for the Loyalists and NATO remains noncommittal.

Theseus continues to operate in support of Altean Police Forces to remove crime syndicates and black markets operating in Altis proper.

Altis on Fire

Once a peaceful tourist destination, Altis's recent departure from the CSAT alliance began a rapid march toward conflict.

Shortly over a year ago, the newly elected Altean government pushed through the secession to heavily mixed response from the population.

While many Alteans were supportive, an influential and vocal core of CSAT loyalists opposed the change. The CSAT loyalists managed to drag the secession process out for months, fighting the measure politically, judicially, and in the court of public opinion. As the measure approached ratification, Loyalist demonstrations became more violent as citizens on both sides grew frustrated with the ongoing debates. Since the secession's approval months ago, tension on the island has only increased.

The demonstrations reached a climax last month when military forces were called out to put down the largest Loyalist demonstration yet. The military's response rapidly broke the demonstration. By morning, three protestors lay dead and dozens wounded.

The situation on the island devolved rapidly as military units fractured along political lines and support for the Loyalists grew. By the end of the week, Loyalist forces began openly securing positions in the south-east part of the island, expelling Secessionist civilians and arresting government officials. The Altean government responded with military force. The island fell into civil war.

The Altean government began reaching out to Western governments two weeks ago in order to secure support in their civil war. So far, responses have been positive, but slow in coming. Until CSAT involves itself directly on the island, the West will attempt to avoid escalating the civil war to an international conflict. Altean officials contacted Theseus directly due to our previous work with Altis and neighboring Stratis.

Theseus will arrive at the Altis International Airport and will travel to an FOB given to us by Altis Armed Forces (AAF). That FOB will be our primary base on Altis. Our primary tasks will be to support the Altis Police Force (APF) in suppressing criminal organizations, gathering intelligence on the organizations and any possible connections to the Loyalists, and then weakening the organizations by cutting off supplies, eliminating HVTs, and other tasks which may harm their activities. Theseus may also be requested to assist with fighting the CSAT loyalists; however, our primary focus will be on the criminal organizations on the island. As the Altis Armed Forces (AAF) are focused on fighting the Loyalists, they are unable to provide much help in the field.

The latest intelligence briefing provided by the AAF indicates the Loyalists control much of the eastern portion of the island. The AAF is currently holding the Loyalists from pushing past the narrow strip to the east of the International Airport. CSAT is suspected of supporting the Loyalists with supply deliveries and "special observers", but this cannot be confirmed at this time. The West is showing interest in the conflict, but cannot be counted on for a response in the immediate future.

April 2016

Theseus Deploys to Esseker

Esseker was a thriving industrial town with a rich and turbulent history. During the industrial boom in neighboring Chernarus region in the 60s, Esseker slowly fell victim to economic turmoil, followed by the collapse of the Union and civil war shortly after. Esseker never was able to return to it's former glory. After years of neglect, the city has been all but abandoned aside from a few brave, stubborn or stupid residents who still call the place home.

In the past few years, people have grown increasingly frustrated at the lack of action by Esseker officials in restoring the region. Complicating matters worse, It is suspected that there are groups claiming that Esseker is rightfully part of the Chernarussian Autonomic Republic and have called for removal of the President and to join the Republic.

Unable to field a proper military due to having many members abandon and join the Chernarussian cause has put Esseker in a situation with their sovereignty is at stake. Rebel groups obviously supported out of pocket by the Chernarus Military have begun scouting and traveling deeper into Esseker, planting flags and establishing supply chains through the southern border. Feeling as though he is losing power, and not wanting to give up, the President has flown foreign advisors to help broker a deal to try to keep power while his country is slowly overwhelmed with support for the peaceful annexation of Esseker.

The first advisor to arrive was found dead on a road leading out from the airport. No group has claimed responsibility. However, not wanting to take any more chances, the Esseker Defense Group appointed by the President has sought out various defense contractors with proven experience in handling delicate situations.

Theseus has answered the call, and arrives in Esseker today.

Leaving Zargabad

With US Forces finally given the go ahead to move in, Theseus was thanked for their efforts and proceeds back home to Stratis to await news on their next contract.

Stopped in Zargabad

After completing work in Kunduz, Theseus had been traveling to Zargabad airport to rendezvous with CODFISH logistics en route to Stratis for some well deserved downtime as well as training. Unfortunately, rebel groups in the region had just recently seized the airport and main town center.

Due to a current cease-fire agreement, US forces maintaining the border checkpoint are unable to intervene and requested Theseus's help in resolving the situation.

March 2016

Operations in Kunduz

For the past couple months, Theseus has been involved in supporting NATO and AFRICOM in a wide variety of tasks and missions in the Kunduz region. While the initial deployment was to track down Souleymane, escalating conflicts in the region has us tasked with dealing with insurgents and terrorist groups taking over the region.

With the loss of the local police department, and the current military being scattered and compromised by insurgents, NATO took over in the hunt for Souleymane as we took a more supportive role. After several weeks of hard thought battles, and slowly regaining ground, a window of opportunity was presented to us in the form of intel from a former officer in his command.

Although we were armed with the intel, and location, we were not given the go ahead to execute the mission. NATO had deemed it too high risk, with a lack of evidence to bring him to justice, instead Theseus was tasked with IED removal and a patrol on the other side of town. Not wanting to miss this opportunity to exact vengeance on Souleymane and the hardships he put as through in Western Africa, it was decided we were going to disregard NATO and take him down.

Although NATO and AFRICOM were displeased and have cut back support; The mission was successful, Souleymane was eliminated, and a lot of evidence was secured on site implicating him in his involvement with weapons dealing, human trafficking, as well as revealing contact information to political members within Europe and North America.

While we were able to close the case on Souleymane, the intelligence gathered was seized by NATO and many details of that particular mission have been omitted from official statements regarding the conflict in Kunduz. Theseus moves on, having completed their contract obligations with AFRICOM and NATO.

November 2015

Theseus Deploys to Kunduz Afghanistan

Soulemayne was not found among the killed or captured in Western Africa. AFRICOM believes the bombing and fighting in Livadia was done to cover his escape from the island. At this time, there are no leads on Soulemayne's location. The Western African contract officially ended with Theseus' withdrawal from the island last week.

Although Western Africa was not a complete success, AFRICOM is pleased with our work and our flexibility in cooperating with the civilian population. Due to our success with limited support, they've offered us a contract in Kunduz where we will be working with local officials to police a historically "active" population. Theseus's responsibilities are mostly centered around providing security for various groups (other contractors, diplomats, logistics workers) in the area; however, the fine print allows a fair amount of leeway when dealing with terrorist activities and sympathizers. Also in the fine print are several mentions of key members of Soulemayne's organization working in and around Kunduz...

Tragedy in Western Africa

After a lengthy and unexpected operation off the coast of West Africa, Theseus has concluded it's contract obligations in the area and will be getting some quick R&R and getting set to deploy once again.

While initially deployed to assist in logistics operations and establishing a foothold in the region, Theseus was also tasked with providing relief efforts, security and recon for AFRICOM against an increasingly hostile enemy force. Being overall successful in fulfilling contract obligations above and beyond our original scope, it wasn't without great losses to the political stability of the region. Many civilian lives were lost, infrastructure destroyed, and many members of the cell have fled the island and remain a threat.

Initial reports that had suggested an isolated cell operating on the island have confirmed to be false. AFRICOM has requested delegates from Theseus in a series of meetings on a course of action for the region, as well as sharing in on intelligence in future operations in the area.

September 2015

Theseus deploys in West Africa

Souleymane Samba Sarr, a former high ranking officer in the Armée Nationale Populaire (ANP) (Nigerian Army) and now a supporter of the Hoko Baram has been operating a smuggling and drug trafficking ring off the coast of Senegal for the past 6 years. Recently, contacts have verified that Souleymane has also been responsible for increased pirate activity and kidnappings.

AFRICOM has asked THESEUS to assist in establishing a Forward Operating Base on the Island off the Coast of Senegal, provide security for logistics teams, as well as ensuring civilian safety during this operation.

Stratis campaign ended

After nearly three months of intense battles with the insurgent forces, Stratis has finally been liberated. The battles have taken their toll on the island; severe damage to infrastructures, civilians have fled the area and the threat of returning insurgent forces remains. The island is declared uninhabitable until further notice.

Due to the current state of Stratis, and after long political discussions, Theseus is requested to establish permanent security on the island.
Theseus will utilize Stratis for training purposes, while providing security, from this day on.

July 2015

Stratis Campaign

Theseus deploys on Stratis, under contract by NATO, to battle Periphetes; an invading insurgent force fixated on complete control of the island.

June 2015

Website Launched

Theseus Website goes online June 27th 2015.

Official Theseus website is launched. Theseus is accepting potential candidates from this point on.

Theseus Founded

Theseus is founded June 6th 2015.

The Board of Directors officially created Theseus Incorporated on the 6th of June 2015.