For the past couple months, Theseus has been involved in supporting NATO and AFRICOM in a wide variety of tasks and missions in the Kunduz region. While the initial deployment was to track down Souleymane, escalating conflicts in the region has us tasked with dealing with insurgents and terrorist groups taking over the region.

With the loss of the local police department, and the current military being scattered and compromised by insurgents, NATO took over in the hunt for Souleymane as we took a more supportive role. After several weeks of hard thought battles, and slowly regaining ground, a window of opportunity was presented to us in the form of intel from a former officer in his command.

Although we were armed with the intel, and location, we were not given the go ahead to execute the mission. NATO had deemed it too high risk, with a lack of evidence to bring him to justice, instead Theseus was tasked with IED removal and a patrol on the other side of town. Not wanting to miss this opportunity to exact vengeance on Souleymane and the hardships he put as through in Western Africa, it was decided we were going to disregard NATO and take him down.

Although NATO and AFRICOM were displeased and have cut back support; The mission was successful, Souleymane was eliminated, and a lot of evidence was secured on site implicating him in his involvement with weapons dealing, human trafficking, as well as revealing contact information to political members within Europe and North America.

While we were able to close the case on Souleymane, the intelligence gathered was seized by NATO and many details of that particular mission have been omitted from official statements regarding the conflict in Kunduz. Theseus moves on, having completed their contract obligations with AFRICOM and NATO.