A custom designed in-game persistence system for advanced logistics, personnel payments, and constant in game tracking.
Theseus utilizes military tactics and procedures optimized for PMC standards. Covering the basics as well as more advanced roles and leadership skills.
Missions in Theseus are conducted under the form of contracts. Covering a wide range of objective types and locations, no two contracts are the same.
Theseus does not enforce standardized gear. You will be responsible for your own apparel, weapons and ammunition.

We have some changes that have to be announced in regards to our contractor structure. Previously, Theseus used military ranks and as a way to note level of training. Although a traditional military hierarchy makes sense given the nature of our operations, it's not realistic to have as contractors. Ranks have been removed for realism reasons and are replaced by a custom contractor hierarchy.

Expanding on this we've come up with the following five ranks that will replace all current ones:

  • Recruit (R) - New candidate on a 2 week/contracts trial period
  • Junior Contractor (JC) - Contractor in training
  • Contractor (C) - Trained contractor
  • Senior Contractor (SC) - Contractor with leadership training
  • Staff (S) - Board of Directors personnel
  • Archivist (A) - Merit rank, ex-members with great contributions

New images have been created for this by Krestoffer Kresky and are applied on TeamSpeak: Theseus Ranks

The term rank will still be used as, to note any of the above positions. They will display seniority and time put into Theseus, with minor exceptions for Senior Contractor, additionally denoting ability to lead a team, and Staff.

Some members might find themselves in the Contractor category even though they were Specialists previously. We will be evaluating leadership ability in the coming weeks and establish a proper roster of members willing and able to lead a team.

With those changes, most Certifications and Licences become available to Contractor rank (previously Specialist or more). Only exception currently being Grenade Launchers.

All certificates and licences are now field renewable as long as you are active and are using the given assets (otherwise re-training or running the course again is required). Launchers licence was additionally changed to a certificate with longer expiration time and less bonus payment (more details will be available later once the course is finalized).


Cory Larose has recently taken a step back from his Directors seat mainly due to time constraints. He will remain a member of the board until further notice.

The remainder of the BoD has recently promoted our own Krestoffer Kresky and Kelly Gingras to fully qualified board directors. Both parties have shown exceptional dedication and thrive to constantly provide and improve content for Theseus.

The decision was overdue to re-establish more staff and we're very glad to have them on board!


Our contractors Tyrone Woods and Jonah Rufford have been providing kick-ass zeus mission every week for those interested. Additional content is always appreciated and we're happy to have them on our team!


Recent recruitment efforts by Tyrone Woods and Dominic Kälin brought in a few new members, welcome all!


Lastly, happy halloween! And see you in a Special Contract that will surely give us some creeps!

Kind regards,
Board of Directors

It's time for a short news update!

We've had a couple of fantastic campaigns happen over the past few months. We moved from the gritty jungle Cambodia to tribal areas of Afghanistan, Lythium. Big thanks to Krestoffer Kresky and Kelly Gingras for running those well-made campaigns, and also to any other contributing to the mission making!

A long standing conflict between two major military factions has erupted into war. The two factions have had a troubling relationship for a long while, as the Cambodian Defence Force (CDF) sought to improve their relationship with the US, while the Red Star Militia (RSM) was leaning towards Russia. With the government not being able to deal with the situation properly, the two military forces were constantly on each others toes for years.