Welcome to Theseus

Theseus is a multinational security services provider. We design customized solutions for government and commercial clients in high-risk, complex, and sensitive environments all over the world. Theseus, Inc. works as a team to promote a culture of integrity, excellence, and dignity in everything we do, making us a trusted global security partner.

Established on a solid ground of legal, moral, and ethical values, Theseus, Inc is dedicated to the highest standards of accountability, compliance, and quality. From our founding, we’ve set the standard throughout the industry with our stringent training, and exacting code of ethics.

As a paramilitary organization, we pride ourselves on the ability to adapt to any environment and fulfill any task appointed by our clientele. In these times of geo-political uncertainty, our clients seek a reliable partner to help mitigate risk, ensure business continuity and achieve organizational objectives. Governments, multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations rely on Theseus for our robust mission support and integrated security services. From supply chain management to advisory and mentoring.

Theseus delivers full-scale, contingency support services. Additionally, our integrated security solutions encompass the spectrum of safeguarding personnel, critical infrastructure and valuable assets.

Through the eyes of a Contractor

Welcome Arma 3 gamers, this is Mick, a Contractor for Theseus Incorporated. I want to give you a nuts and bolts account of the Theseus play style to help you determine if our contracts and our team are right for you. I also recommend reading the "Welcome to Theseus" description page on our site to get a feel for the role-playing aspect of the unit.


Our primary contracts (gaming sessions) are scheduled for Saturdays. There will often be a secondary contract scheduled for a weekday, usually mid-week. Theseus, being primarily European gamers, does schedule its contracts in Zulu (military term for UTC), meaning daylight savings time are ignored. The Saturday contracts typically begin at 14:00 Zulu and the mid-week contracts at 19:00 Zulu. Make sure you check your local times!

The contract scenarios are created to accommodate the small unit tactics on which Theseus was established. Expect to see an average of 8-10 dedicated gamers on each contract. Occasionally the numbers will drop to 6 or reach 15 in any given contract, with contracts being adapted to the number of participants. Enemy encounters are based on real world expectations of enemy resistance; some missions are high tension and low contact if we do them right, while others turn a quiet village into the last place you want to be!

Occasionally, when circumstances necessitate that the Theseus contracts can't be run, the group will play backup missions created by various members. These have been as varied as a small SOCOM unit on a seek and destroy mission to a group of American farmers fighting off Trump's private army sent to wipe out any resistance to the building of oil fields on family land. Missions aren’t cancelled often, but when they are, we make sure to take out our frustration on the AI! If you want to be involved in the mission making and running, sign right up. We’re always happy to have members involved, whether they’re creating missions, improving our mods, or documenting what we’re up to.


During standard contract missions, the usual consequence for death is the end of your game for that session, but we do make exceptions to that rule depending on the mission and circumstances. That said, you don’t want to go down during a mission! While you sit there worrying if your teammates are going to recover your expensive gear, use our improved spectator system to cheer (or jeer) on the squad.


That’s right, gear matters! Theseus uses Chronos, an in-house persistence system, to manage player inventories and track gear from mission to mission. Earn money by participating in missions, then spend it on all the gear you could possibly want. Just be warned, you may not get it back if you go down in a mission. Personally, losing my equipment has strongly replaced the fear of dying in game. Respawn is free, but my rifle was not! Thankfully, given a chance, good squad members can and will recover the fallen and return them (and their gear) to base.


During missions, we keep the discussions of computer performance and game details to a minimum while in-game. Real world conversations and battlefield humor are typical. Our contractors don't live in a bubble between contracts. Theseus does not use rank titles other than team lead(s) during the contracts. Our Board of Directors do hold special titles within the team for organizational purposes. Team leads give orders sparingly, trusting each team member to do their job. Input from the team members is welcome, though respect for the team lead’s decisions is expected. Along with the in-game experience, the various Theseus Slack channels are filled daily with Theseus and non-Theseus related chat between members as well.

Without a doubt, I believe most Arma 3 players will find something interesting in Theseus, and for some of you, this group will be exactly what you have been searching for. The combination of the persistent private military company scenario and the awesome collection of gamers I play with weekly has me looking forward to every Theseus gaming session. I hope to see more of you on future contracts. Take it easy, Mathews out.