Welcome to Theseus

Theseus is a multinational security services provider. We design customized solutions for government and commercial clients in high-risk, complex, and sensitive environments all over the world. Theseus, Inc. works as a team to promote a culture of integrity, excellence, and dignity in everything we do, making us a trusted global security partner.

Established on a solid ground of legal, moral, and ethical values, Theseus, Inc is dedicated to the highest standards of accountability, compliance, and quality. From our founding, we’ve set the standard throughout the industry with our stringent training, and exacting code of ethics.

As a paramilitary organization, we pride ourselves on the ability to adapt to any environment and fulfill any task appointed by our clientele. In these times of geo-political uncertainty, our clients seek a reliable partner to help mitigate risk, ensure business continuity and achieve organizational objectives. Governments, multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations rely on Theseus for our robust mission support and integrated security services. From supply chain management to advisory and mentoring.

Theseus delivers full-scale, contingency support services. Additionally, our integrated security solutions encompass the spectrum of safeguarding personnel, critical infrastructure and valuable assets.

Through the eyes of a Contractor

Personal Qualities
  • Be over the age of 18.
  • Possess the necessary level of maturity and adhere to it.
  • Be open with your willingness to learn.
  • Have a "fun" attitude while maintaining maturity.
  • The ability to conduct yourself properly at all times.

Welcome Arma 3 gamers, this is Mick, a Contractor for Theseus Incorporated. I want to give you a nuts and bolts account of the Theseus play style to help you determine if our contracts and our team are right for you. I also recommend reading the "Welcome to Theseus" description page on our site to get a feel for the role-playing aspect of the unit.


Our primary contracts (gaming sessions) are scheduled for Saturdays. There will often be a secondary contract scheduled for a weekday, usually mid-week. Theseus, being primarily European gamers, does schedule its contracts in Zulu (military term for UTC), meaning daylight savings time are ignored. The Saturday contracts typically begin at 14:00 Zulu and the mid-week contracts at 19:00 Zulu. Make sure you check your local times!

The contract scenarios are created to accommodate the small unit tactics on which Theseus was established. Expect to see an average of 20-25 dedicated gamers on each contract. Occasionally the numbers will drop to 15 or reach 30 in any given contract, with contracts being adapted to the number of participants. Enemy encounters are based on real world expectations of enemy resistance; some missions are high tension and low contact if we do them right, while others turn a quiet village into the last place you want to be!

Occasionally, when circumstances necessitate that the Theseus contracts can't be run, the group will play backup missions created by various members. These have been as varied as a small SOCOM unit on a seek and destroy mission to a group of American farmers fighting off Trump's private army sent to wipe out any resistance to the building of oil fields on family land. Missions aren’t cancelled often, but when they are, we make sure to take out our frustration on the AI! If you want to be involved in the mission making and running, sign right up. We’re always happy to have members involved, whether they’re creating missions, improving our mods, or documenting what we’re up to.


During standard contract missions, the usual consequence for death is the end of your game for that session, but we do make exceptions to that rule depending on the mission and circumstances. That said, you don’t want to go down during a mission! While you sit there worrying if your teammates are going to recover your expensive gear, use our improved spectator system to cheer (or jeer) on the squad.


That’s right, gear matters! Theseus uses Chronos, an in-house persistence system, to manage player inventories and track gear from mission to mission. Earn money by participating in missions, then spend it on all the gear you could possibly want. Just be warned, you may not get it back if you go down in a mission. Personally, losing my equipment has strongly replaced the fear of dying in game. Respawn is free, but my rifle was not! Thankfully, given a chance, good squad members can and will recover the fallen and return them (and their gear) to base.


During missions, we keep the discussions of computer performance and game details to a minimum while in-game. Real world conversations and battlefield humor are typical. Our contractors don't live in a bubble between contracts. Theseus does not use rank titles other than team lead(s) during the contracts. Our Board of Directors do hold special titles within the team for organizational purposes. Team leads give orders sparingly, trusting each team member to do their job. Input from the team members is welcome, though respect for the team lead’s decisions is expected. Along with the in-game experience, the various Theseus Slack channels are filled daily with Theseus and non-Theseus related chat between members as well.

Without a doubt, I believe most Arma 3 players will find something interesting in Theseus, and for some of you, this group will be exactly what you have been searching for. The combination of the persistent private military company scenario and the awesome collection of gamers I play with weekly has me looking forward to every Theseus gaming session. I hope to see more of you on future contracts. Take it easy, Mathews out.

Detailed systems description and how they differ from the default Arma 3 game.

AI Reactions

In the base game, following the implementation of the APEX DLC, the general "vision" of the AI was maxed out at approximately 200 m. In Theseus, the AI have the ability to see and engage to nearly 1 km.


Theseus has access to custom created ammunition designed for differing situations. Bullets will more realistically penetrate walls, doors and vehicles, making it more effective when engaging concealed enemies.

  • Ball ammunition is the cheapest and will work best for most enemies without body armour.
  • EPR ammunition is the middle ground with moderate penetrability.
  • AP ammunition is the top tier with high penetrability.
Crouch walking

Running while crouched in a realistic scenario is exhausting, as such sprinting while crouched will heavily reduce your stamina.


The base game flares did not last altogether very long, making them ineffective. In Theseus, grenade-launched flares and mortar flares now last 3 minutes with an extended fall time. Hand thrown flares will last 2 minutes.


The vanilla flashlight was considered to be too weak for most players. The newly adapted "blue" flashlight has a broader cone, longer reach and a much higher intensity (note: this is much more obvious to see when it is not YOUR flashlight due to how Arma works). Additionally the "red" flashlight was added, which has a dimmer beam less likely to blind Night-Vision users.


Vanilla recoil systems are underwhelming, enabling players to keep guns on target at 500 m with fully automatic fire in some cases. Theseus recoil system factors in barrel length, caliber, foregrips and fire control group. Each of those elements produce different recoil patterns. It should be noted unlike other "recoil mods" this does add actual weapon control recoil, not just visual recoil.


AI now have the ability to target infantry with RPGs from any engagement distance. They can, they will and they do. It's a fun time.


Some weapons have had sounds changed, some on request, and others which were simply due to higher quality sounds being available in the base game and available DLCs. Most notably changed are the CUP AKs and the M134 Minigun.

Recruit Rick

Hi, my name is Rick.

Here I am just 5 months out of active duty and lookin' for a new gig. This buddy of mine from Afghanistan, Yo Lewieeee!, hope you're good brother! Well he steers me in the direction of private military contracting and this small international PMC: Theseus Inc.

They actively recruit for contractors, provide A-class training in small unit tactics, and executive security amongst other services. Did a little research, turns out this PMC has a clean record, no bad press, treat their guys well, pay on time, and offer plenty of advancement. Overall, a group of guys I could be proud to tell my wife's family about.

Joining simply required that I send in my letter of interest to the Board of Directors. After giving my application the once over, I was informed that I had the job as a recruit.

Theseus got me in contact with the entire team through Slack chat.

Following my initial orientation with a mentor, I received a signing bonus of $3,500 to put towards gear, weapons, ammo to get me started.

Theseus has an awesome training facility called Olympus that sits on this sweet island in the middle of the Mediterranean. Bitchin' weather the whole time I was there. The Board has made sure its contractors have all the best tools and training for the job.

As a recruit the two contracts I'm part of are a feeling out process for both me and them. Theseus has high expectations for its contractors: teamwork is the foundation for everything and a high ethical standard is essential. As for me, it's a chance to see if I'm a good fit for Theseus and their contracts around the world.

No problem for me. I'm no blowhard; I like to scope out how I can best fit in when joining a new team. It was easy work as these guys know their stuff. The future holds lots of opportunities for training and advancement. I just have to bide my time for a couple of contracts, then I will have the chance to work towards additional roles in the Theseus.

Theseus has training and specializations; something like the MOS codes back in the Army. Each gives greater responsibility along with additional roles on each contract. Oh, and access to better gear with each specialization or rank increase!

Not sure how much money will be goin' back to the wife. I may have to save a little for myself. I was primarily an autorifleman back in the sandbox. If Theseus has the need for a gunner, I sure would love to be back behind a SAW.

Anyways, one contract so far; a hell of a tough fight in Cambodia. Couple of weeks of work earned me some good money, far more than I was lookin' forward to back home.

Thanks Lewie, you were right, this IS what I was meant to be doing. Well, off to read the Code of Conduct again, need to be familiar with it!

Junior Contractor Soup

Hey, this is Campbell. The guys here call me Soup.

I've been working for Theseus Inc. for a while now, coming up on six months, quick. I was recently part of the small team sent to provide personnel and site security for "The Annex" in KalaeNoowi, Lythium. That was quite the harried contract, worked out well for most though. I'm glad to be back at Olympus, working on my Core training. Downtime exercises have always been a favored part of military service...keeps my mind and body busy.

Having recently achieved the classification of Junior Contractor I will be working on the Core Training. Included as part of this training will be Weapons Handling, Driving, and Navigation. I have just purchased a nice used M16 from one of my fellow contractors, similar to the service rifle I had access to in the Canadian Forces. I am now able to carry a sidearm as well.

Myself and a couple of other junior contractors are headed out after chow to begin training in navigation and map reading. Seems fitting that the course is set at Camp Rogaine. I should excel at this phase as I was a young member of a regional orienteering club before enlisting.

The Board of Directors here at Theseus have stated that this is the stage where we may want to start considering what role we desire to fill within the organization. This could be working towards a leadership role, or training for a Medical or Engineer Specialist, implemented upon promotion to Contractor. We may be more suited to a weapons specialist position within the squad, including, at this designation level, the Machine Gunner or Marksman roles.

I am strongly considering declaring my interest in serving as a Designated Marksman. I scored as Marksman on my PWT 2 and served alongside our rifle company's DM in the Balkans. This position would most match my skills and interests.

With luck and hard work, the next few months will see me through multiple contracts and challenging training opportunities. Stay safe out there and see you back at the watercooler.

Medic Jayson

Hello. Yes... well I will tell you what I do here at Theseus and what I have accomplished to reach the rank of Contractor. Ok... my name is Jayson by the way.

I am one of the few operative medics for Theseus, working within one of the active Ares teams or deployed as the squad medic with Ares Actual. I also do the field medic training for some of our less experienced contractors if they are called to assume the role of medic when critically needed. It is never for the best when team members have to rely on a less capable medic that may not even know how to do a proper interrupted suture on a lacerated wound.

My background includes full training as a Registered Ambulance Nurse, working in a private rapid response vehicle for three years in my native Nederlands. I was recruited directly, by Theseus, out of the National Police Special Interventions Service where I served as team medic for both my regional AOT unit as well as a fast response DSI unit.

Upon reaching the Contractor rank here within Theseus I completed the Medical Specialization training, as described in Medical SOP, to assume the role of Field Medic. Additionally, I added to my skill-set by passing the available grenade course to receive my Grenadier Specialization. Practical training for a Contractor may also include the Machine Gunner and Marksman specializations.

Theseus medical training utilizes an effective set of techniques under the industry respected ACE3 Medical method. The ACE3 Medical Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC/TC3) includes techniques in Care Under Fire, such as quick assessment and CPR, and Tactical Field Care of wound closure and IV treatment.

At the moment I am completely content with the role I play in the unit. There is no doubt that the medic is one of the most valuable individual assets employed within the team. When involved in a firefight everyone of the contractors in Theseus will more frequently yell my name with greater passion than that of their intimate partners... when they are home with their partners... for their off time... not in a firefight with their intimate partners.

Anyway, if in the future I decide to continue advancing within the organization, I can begin my Senior Contractor training. I hope at least to be tasked with the training of future medics within the organization. My training and duty background coupled with my understanding of the ACE3 Medical TCCC allows me the opportunity to build a well respected team of medics within the PMC community.

Well, thanks... take care.

Senior Contractor Brina Medved

Greetings, from Brina Medved.

Hello Everyone! For those of you who know my story as an athlete, thank you for following my career. I grew up in a military family. Following his retirement out of the Slovenska vojska, my father started his well respected tactical training company when I was 10. I have been raised on all things operational, around the most knowledgeable of military veterans. I was introduced to practical shooting when I was 13 by my family. My IPSC career quickly took off after that. At 16 years old I was the youngest team member on Team GT Armory. I represented the company for four years. In the summer of 2019, I became heavily involved in the ongoing civil unrest in the south eastern island of Panthera. It was suggested that I could best impact the outcome by joining the influential PMC company, Theseus Inc., working on the island.

Even coming from a civilian background, unlike many others here who had previous military experience, I have had few roadblocks in my career at Theseus. I can say without doubt Theseus Inc. turned into a place where I found true camaraderie and somewhere that I could share successful contracts and operational setbacks all with pride knowing the people around me had my back and did their best.

Once I made it to contractor, I knew my journey was not over and began to train for Leadership. I was supported through this process by the other Senior Contractors and Staff. They taught me what leading is and have given me the opportunity to lead my fellow contractors into battle under their supervision. It was not a quick process to become a fully-fledged team leader but those first few contracts in charge changed the way I looked at the job and I will tell you now being a team lead is no walk in the park!

The dedicated staff here have moulded me into the woman I am today, and it only felt natural to give back to the organization that gave me so much. Anyway, once the leadership training ordeal was over, I was given the role of team lead in our contracted operations. I proved, through determination, consistency and giving it my all both on and off the battlefield, that I was worthy to be promoted to Senior Contractor. Being a senior is a recognition of my commitment to Theseus Inc. to improve its performance and aid the staff with the running of the company.

Present day, you will find me actively training fellow contractors to improve the quality and performance within the company. However, the leadership role does not keep me from the front lines! While I might lead a team here and there, you bet I am still going to be running on point with a M4 in hand with the rest of the team.

See you on the battlefield,