Closing in on a Decade

8 Year Anniversary

Theseus started its operations on June 6th, back in 2015. This marks uninterrupted 8 years of contracts and our contractor lives.

We are very proud of achieving an 8 year milestone thanks to all the staff putting in work over work and all the members for participating in the weekly contracts and other activities! Soon we will reach a full decade and we hope this will continue far past it!

To mark this occasion, each active Contractor received an anniversary bonus pay.



So far in 2023, we played one campaign, Bleeding Hearts by Mike Woods, where we were hired to help with specialist tasks, help stabilize the region through aid and humanitarian missions, while the Dingor government rebuilds. This also marks our first fully voice-acted campaign thanks to Zak Zakharov.

We have been deployed from desert plains, through lush jungle and ships, and back to Vietnam - nothing is foreign to us anymore. Diversity of contracts is higher than ever, with mission makers creating more interesting scenarios every week.

Check out some footage from The Outpost or Holy Relics.

Theseus Mail and Custom Systems

Theseus Mail services were established last month. Shipping services provided by Theseus Mail deliver your Locker items to another Contractor’s Locker with a simple press of a button on your personal web interface! For the low cost of $25 per shipment, any item in your Locker can now be transferred instantly! Shipment details/confirmation can be found in the NetBank history.

A long-requested feature has been implemented by Ian Pierce, but not to worry, we did not let him keep the ownership of the new sister company - all shipping fees are carefully collected by the administration and put back to use for the good of all Contractors.

A new Custom Systems page has been added to our public-facing About page, detailing Theseus’ custom systems description and how they differ from the default Arma 3 game. This should provide a short overview of the fundamental changes we have made over the years that tailors how we conduct ourselves in the contracts.

New Armory Items and New Contractors

An extensive amount of new gear has been added to the Armory, featuring Grey (GRY) and Black (BLK) versions of the Military Gear Pack assets. Mick Mathews has outdone himself and as a celebration, Theseus offered a 20% sale on all wearables and backpacks last weekend. Check out the new stock of Plate Carriers and Back Panels as well as a new baseball cap for you Mets fans.

Many new members have joined our ranks in the recent months. As we always strive to provide a quality experience to all our members, old and new, and one way we can achieve that is to ensure we keep to our core values of small squad based tactics, we have closed applications to the community for the time being.

Welcome all new members!

Repair and Reinforcements

A new policy has been put in place for Leadership roles - Transport Unavailability. All Team Leads, especially when assuming the role of Actual, now have a clear set of rules to follow on how to continue with the mission when transport issues are encountered. Contractors can read on the new procedure in the Leadership document.

Recently, a change to Vehicle Repair has been introduced. Now everyone can repair a vehicle to a limited degree (barely drivable) as long as they have one of the now Theseus-provided Toolkits - these can be found in every Arcadian and in the base going forward. Similar to Medics, those with the Engineer training can repair vehicles better than the rest.

Our Contractor training will now also include a small Basic Repair section conducted on Olympus, in a new Repair area near Weapons Handling where members can familiarize themselves with the system. Contractors can read more about this in the Tactics & Procedures document.

Defense Payscale

Recon type of Contract has been removed earlier in the year and replaced with Defense type. As Recon was not used very often and our contracts started to include more defensive scenarios where ammo consumption is considerably higher, the new Defense payscale copies the Combat payscale tiers with a $100/hour increase. Contractors can see the current payment in the Code of Conduct document.

Pull out your sandals for the hot summer!