2022 A Year to Settle In and Slow Down

2022 in Review

2022 has seen Theseus Inc. secure a core group of committed contractors. Though the year has not had the rapid increase in new recruiting as the previous two years, the veterans have all been actively engaged in maintaining a high level of content and organizational excellence. Theseus now has a number of contractors presenting an exciting variety of contracts, as well as a couple of members working with particular diligence to provide the group with incredible contracts every Saturday and most Sundays. Keep up the awesome work, all.

We give thanks to our retired members and recent reservists who have put in an immense amount of work to build the exemplary organization each current member enjoys. We miss you all and hope to hear from you in the upcoming year. Thank you again to each and every member working to support the fun and welfare of our team. Let’s go crush those objectives and stay safe out there in 2023!


This year Theseus have deployed in 5 campaigns in various locations worldwide!

We started the year with Die Walküre by Jack Laird, a campaign where we were sub-contracted by Mozart PMC to assist them with their operations in Lingor. We fully embraced their soviet equipment and have never felt so glad to have our Arcadians than those Vodniks when we left the country. We were reminded of this when we revisited Lingor to finally eliminate the PLR forcers.

Following on we had Rasputin by Mike Woods and as the name suggests we were employed to eliminate the near-mythic figure of Rasputin a man of which the legends are true. After fighting against his followers, It took us 4 attempts to finally put the man down after he escaped in black smoke in earlier attempts.

Vae Victis by Josh Vee saw us employed by IDAP working with the Militares Sans Frontieres PMC in Takistan where we retook territory against the Takmyr Militia to put an end to their reign of tyranny allowing for IDAP to provide aid to the local civilians.

Your Waifu is Trash by Jack Laird was our first sub-contract-only campaign where a small team of contractors were involved in finding and stopping the Virtual Idol Sventa Ringu. To no one's surprise, Sventa was a masquerade for our arch enemies the Seven Rings and those that were present during the final operation made a horrifying discovery.

Our most recently finished campaign was Glory to the Heroes! by Zak Zakharov where we deployed covertly in Chernarus to fight along the Chernarussian Defense Force and Civilian Militia to push back the Russian Ground Forces who had established a foothold in the northwest of the country. Contract by contract we slowly made our way to the border which concluded with an explosive last-ditch armoured push by the enemy halted indefinitely.

Non-Contract Missions

We have also had several NCOs run throughout the year by our mission makers to give us a few extra missions on our Sunday’s that we usually wouldn't tackle as Theseus Inc.

NCOs are a great way to get into mission making and our community of mission makers are available to support where needed go check out #mission-making to get started!

S.O.G. Prairie Fire

This year we also started to make use of the S.O.G. Prairie Fire CDLC that our own Phil Maciejewski was involved in developing. We have already organized going through the campaign and at the end of the year deployed our own Server using the same settings that our Contract server uses including its own template to make mission making quick and easy. We had 3 self-made missions to test the server and our settings out in the Tan Cong series of missions.

Halloween 2022

Our yearly tradition of having a Halloween Mission was tackled by Zak Zakharov. Shadows Over Chernogorsk saw us take up the mantle of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.. We faced Zombies, Anomalies, Monolith and Zone Mercenaries with the objective to destroy the Brain Scorcher and find Artifacts in Downtown Chernogorsk. If you want to make the mission for Halloween in 2023 be sure post your intent in #mission-making.

Western Sahara

Western Sahara has been included into our core mods, offering high quality additional vanilla-based assets, weapons and vehicles. Alongside a new map featuring unique terrain and an abnormal amount of camels offering a new type of experience.

To celebrate, GT Armory has tweaked weapons and ammunition to fit Theseus standards. Adding ACE compatibility, Theseus Recoil compatibility and magazines fully ready to pump out some GT goodness on your enemies.

Fatal Injuries

15% Gang is no more! Well not really but we hope it won't feel nearly as bad as just dying to a single body shot while with all your teammates. Now when you get 15%’ed you will go into a highly critical state of cardiac arrest giving your team and medics a significantly shorter time to care and stabilize you. This means ensuring your buddy is with you at all times has never been more important as even though you get 15%’ed you can be saved!

Global instead of Side Chat for Markers

Global Chat will be used from now on to place markers at the beginning of a Contract. This has been changed in an attempt to fix issues with marker synchronization as members join the server, as well as allow briefing markers to be visible in the After-Action Recordings.

Text chat is still forbidden as per our Code of Conduct, unless game-breaking issues or unexpected disconnects happen. During a Contract, markers should be placed in Group or Direct Chat, unless everyone is present at the same location.

Mission Template

For the end of the year Mission Template saw a major update, moving most of its scripts into TAC Mods, moving administrative information out of the template, and condensing basic mission information into a single file.

Additionally, support for dynamic settings has been added, allowing the same template to be used for Non-Contracts and SOG missions with the flick of a number! Compositions for SOG missions and an SOG Zeus template are also available.

All of this aims to provide a much smaller package that is easier to update and maintain by the mission makers and make reviews easier and faster. All while retaining capability to create your own custom scripts and tools around the template. Even scripts moved to TAC Mods can be modified for custom functionality.

To many expended belts of ammunition in 2023!