Two weeks ago, Theseus' contract on Altis nearly came to an explosive conclusion as CSAT Loyalists bombed Altean President Pavlos Severini's speach in Neochori. Although the joint presence and professional response of Altean Police Forces and Theseus contractors limited the bombers' access to the gathered crowd, the Loyalist bombers were able to destroy a nearby vehicle park. While Theseus security contractors evacuated the President and his retinue to a secure facility, APF units moved to secure the town. Initial APF reports indicate Theseus' presence on the ground and in the air were instrumental in preventing Loyalists from placing additional explosives.

The Neochori bombing marks the beginning of renewed violence across the island as AAF units and civilians react to the attempted assassination. Supporters continue attempting to flee the violence, escaping to the regions held by their respective side. Ongoing talks to allow the free relocation of civilians are now on indefinite hold. AAF units stationed along the developing trench line report increased movement and gunfire targetting their positions. Attempts at aerial reconnaissance have been unsuccessful. AAF commanders fear CSAT is increasing their support for the Loyalists and NATO remains noncommittal.

Theseus continues to operate in support of Altean Police Forces to remove crime syndicates and black markets operating in Altis proper.