Esseker was a thriving industrial town with a rich and turbulent history. During the industrial boom in neighboring Chernarus region in the 60s, Esseker slowly fell victim to economic turmoil, followed by the collapse of the Union and civil war shortly after. Esseker never was able to return to it's former glory. After years of neglect, the city has been all but abandoned aside from a few brave, stubborn or stupid residents who still call the place home.

In the past few years, people have grown increasingly frustrated at the lack of action by Esseker officials in restoring the region. Complicating matters worse, It is suspected that there are groups claiming that Esseker is rightfully part of the Chernarussian Autonomic Republic and have called for removal of the President and to join the Republic.

Unable to field a proper military due to having many members abandon and join the Chernarussian cause has put Esseker in a situation with their sovereignty is at stake. Rebel groups obviously supported out of pocket by the Chernarus Military have begun scouting and traveling deeper into Esseker, planting flags and establishing supply chains through the southern border. Feeling as though he is losing power, and not wanting to give up, the President has flown foreign advisors to help broker a deal to try to keep power while his country is slowly overwhelmed with support for the peaceful annexation of Esseker.

The first advisor to arrive was found dead on a road leading out from the airport. No group has claimed responsibility. However, not wanting to take any more chances, the Esseker Defense Group appointed by the President has sought out various defense contractors with proven experience in handling delicate situations.

Theseus has answered the call, and arrives in Esseker today.