Through it's contract fueled existence leading to many places abroad, Theseus has seen it's fair share of combatants both friend and foe alike none more than the infamous disgraced rival PMC group, Vanguard. However, a new organization arose from the dark suspected to be on par with the skill level and lethality of Vanguard PMC. It wasn't until this day, though, that Theseus would first encounter this group and find out firsthand the actual threat this new group, calling themselves Seven Rings, were actually capable of.

This Seven Rings Organization proved to be highly skilled and lethal in modern warfare having the weapons and equipment to back them up. Their tenacity and surefire aim posed a large threat to Theseus. It was quickly apparent that Seven Rings would be a challenging foe. We lost many contractors this day facing this group. From this day on, Thesesus approaches it's contracts regarding Seven Rings with caution and steadfast strategy to overcome them on the battlefield.