Once a peaceful tourist destination, Altis's recent departure from the CSAT alliance began a rapid march toward conflict.

Shortly over a year ago, the newly elected Altean government pushed through the secession to heavily mixed response from the population.

While many Alteans were supportive, an influential and vocal core of CSAT loyalists opposed the change. The CSAT loyalists managed to drag the secession process out for months, fighting the measure politically, judicially, and in the court of public opinion. As the measure approached ratification, Loyalist demonstrations became more violent as citizens on both sides grew frustrated with the ongoing debates. Since the secession's approval months ago, tension on the island has only increased.

The demonstrations reached a climax last month when military forces were called out to put down the largest Loyalist demonstration yet. The military's response rapidly broke the demonstration. By morning, three protestors lay dead and dozens wounded.

The situation on the island devolved rapidly as military units fractured along political lines and support for the Loyalists grew. By the end of the week, Loyalist forces began openly securing positions in the south-east part of the island, expelling Secessionist civilians and arresting government officials. The Altean government responded with military force. The island fell into civil war.

The Altean government began reaching out to Western governments two weeks ago in order to secure support in their civil war. So far, responses have been positive, but slow in coming. Until CSAT involves itself directly on the island, the West will attempt to avoid escalating the civil war to an international conflict. Altean officials contacted Theseus directly due to our previous work with Altis and neighboring Stratis.

Theseus will arrive at the Altis International Airport and will travel to an FOB given to us by Altis Armed Forces (AAF). That FOB will be our primary base on Altis. Our primary tasks will be to support the Altis Police Force (APF) in suppressing criminal organizations, gathering intelligence on the organizations and any possible connections to the Loyalists, and then weakening the organizations by cutting off supplies, eliminating HVTs, and other tasks which may harm their activities. Theseus may also be requested to assist with fighting the CSAT loyalists; however, our primary focus will be on the criminal organizations on the island. As the Altis Armed Forces (AAF) are focused on fighting the Loyalists, they are unable to provide much help in the field.

The latest intelligence briefing provided by the AAF indicates the Loyalists control much of the eastern portion of the island. The AAF is currently holding the Loyalists from pushing past the narrow strip to the east of the International Airport. CSAT is suspected of supporting the Loyalists with supply deliveries and "special observers", but this cannot be confirmed at this time. The West is showing interest in the conflict, but cannot be counted on for a response in the immediate future.