A long standing conflict between two major military factions has erupted into war. The two factions have had a troubling relationship for a long while, as the Cambodian Defence Force (CDF) sought to improve their relationship with the US, while the Red Star Militia (RSM) was leaning towards Russia. With the government not being able to deal with the situation properly, the two military forces were constantly on each others toes for years.
Civilian protests started appearing, with one particular group, now known as the Khmer Rebels, claiming Cambodia should be fully independent, and all ties to US and Russia should be cut.
The group made a drastic move, when they attacked the Cambodian Parliament directly, killing numerous of politicians. The true motive of the attack remains unknown, but the Red Star Militia quickly saw an opportunity, and moved in to attempt to seize power for themselves. Additionally, they made a move on several Cambodian Defence Force military installations, which caught CDF off guard.

Not wanting the country to fall to the Red Star Militia, USPACOM has been attempting to assist CDF in various of ways, but with the war escalating the way it has, they’ve been unable to do much.
Not willing to send in a proper military force, as it could spark a potential conflict with Russia, USPACOM has opted for private contractors who could operate in the country with minimal ties to the US. One of those contractors is Theseus Inc., who has been deployed to the Cambodian region “Prei Khmaoch Luong”.