After a lengthy and unexpected operation off the coast of West Africa, Theseus has concluded it's contract obligations in the area and will be getting some quick R&R and getting set to deploy once again.

While initially deployed to assist in logistics operations and establishing a foothold in the region, Theseus was also tasked with providing relief efforts, security and recon for AFRICOM against an increasingly hostile enemy force. Being overall successful in fulfilling contract obligations above and beyond our original scope, it wasn't without great losses to the political stability of the region. Many civilian lives were lost, infrastructure destroyed, and many members of the cell have fled the island and remain a threat.

Initial reports that had suggested an isolated cell operating on the island have confirmed to be false. AFRICOM has requested delegates from Theseus in a series of meetings on a course of action for the region, as well as sharing in on intelligence in future operations in the area.