It’s with very mixed emotions that I take a step back from my role as a Director and that of Director of Security with Theseus.

Unfortunately real life intrudes in our gaming world and this is certainly the case with myself. I’ve started a couple of businesses and for anyone that is an entrepreneur, you know how much work the initial stages are for a startup, let alone two.

As I’ve had to dedicate my time to my ventures, my ability to fulfill my role requirements have dwindled down to zero. I’ve seen all the work that others put in daily (myself included up to now) and I can’t justify not doing any work for our community and keeping my role as a Director.

So with that, I’ll take that step back and let another very qualified person step in and take over for me. I’m not leaving or retiring from Theseus in any way shape or form.

I love the gents that started this, I love the community we’ve built over the years and I love the group as a whole.

It's simply a matter of not enough time to do everything I need to do. If time permits I’ll join a contract here and there and once my work/play time balances out, I’ll become more involved again.

Enjoy the time down range fellow contractors!

~ Kelly Gingras - 28th November 2020