A custom designed in-game persistence system for advanced logistics, personnel payments, and constant in game tracking.
Theseus utilizes military tactics and procedures optimized for PMC standards. Covering the basics as well as more advanced roles and leadership skills.
Missions in Theseus are conducted under the form of contracts. Covering a wide range of objective types and locations, no two contracts are the same.
Theseus does not enforce standardized gear. You will be responsible for your own apparel, weapons and ammunition.

Cake Theseus is officially two years old this week. During these two years, we've gained some amazing new members and friends! We've sadly enough also lost quite a few. Theseus is overall doing great and hugely appreciates the time and effort members put into it week in week out.

Traditionally the summer period is a "slower" time with lower attendance due to vacations and other plans. However, we have some new roles to appoint in the near future.

Special Thanks To:
  • Members who pitched in making contracts in general and when needed.
  • Members who donated to support the server costs.
  • Everyone that shows up every week.

Thank you all!

Rory Guldentops
Theseus Inc.

Overgrowth Campaign

As phase 2 of Operation Overgrowth comes to a head, Theseus prepares to enter the final phase of this deployment.

CSAT, along with China, are carving a path along the Spratly Islands, finally reaching the island chain of Tanoa. The Tanoa islands are no stranger to occupation having endured political, environmental and economical crisis throughout its history. Looking to stabilize the increasingly hostile situation in the region, members of the Tanoan government sought support from western allies in Europe and North America. Increased activity in the region by China prompted a US led blockade of the South China Sea. The US led Coalition positioned their fleet just outside the Tanoan Islands territorial waters, and establish a forward operating base within the island chain for use by Coalition forces. China responded by heavily reinforcing their position in the islands and beginning a series of increasingly overt challenges to Coalition authority and security. The situation in the islands has devolved into open conflict.

Complicating matters is the use of western based mercenaries and private military groups by CSAT and China. Coalition intelligence indicates these groups are used with the intention of sowing dissent among the local population and framing the US led Coalition of provoking the conflict. China has run a wildly successful smear campaign against Coalition forces, garnering support from nearby countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia and Cambodia. Their shift in support toward China has effectively dismantled the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Meanwhile, CSAT has been gathering forces in Iran along its borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan. The growing influence of CSAT in the Middle East has much of Europe/Asia on alert as well as the attention of NATO.

Some analysts believe the Spartly Islands conflict is merely the opening act for an even bigger play by CSAT.


Working from the strong foundation Theseus has set during the previous 2 years, we will be heavily focusing on recruitment efforts this year. More members will allow us to take on a more varied contracts and raise our combined arms operations to a higher level.

The website already received some minor modifications to promote our Slack in a more visitor-friendly way via the main navigation menu. The inactive forums have been archived and important data transferred to Slack posts. An "About" page describing how we work in-game and as a community is in the works to give visitors a better idea of what we do and what we are. The Board of Directors has a list of other additions planned for the rest of the year.


Technical updates have been relatively slow during the past months; most of the work went towards bug fixing and ensuring stability of the mods we develop in-house and other mods we use. That is soon to change! Expect to see more work done with Chronos and our other systems for even better persistence tracking and integration of other systems, including those from ACE3 and other mods. We will also be setting up a 24/7 server for running missions outside of our regularly weekly ops. More on that will be unveiled as we decide what exactly to do.

Call to arms

With our ongoing recruiting efforts we will be updating our content even more regularly. We are calling out to anyone who wants to write articles, guides or documentation, gather screenshots for official publishing, developing mods or mission scripts, creating and running mid-week missions or anything else that you can think of - we'll use it all!

Let's enjoy many more years of Theseus!


Operations ended in the Altis region with Altis Armed Forces and NATO forces driving much of the CSAT forces from the area. Some loyalists still remain in smaller pockets scattered about the region, but with much of their funding and weapons supply chains being cut off or weakened, there is an uneasy peace for the time being.

Unfortunately, it seems that China has taken the recent spat of conflicts carried out by CSAT and other affiliated organizations to position their fleet into contested areas in the South Pacific and making claims to bordering island areas claimed by Tanoa. UPACOM has organized a meeting with a third party acting on their behalf in a neutral location in the Lingor region. Further details will follow, but Theseus Members are familiarizing themselves with the terrain for our next operation (codename: Overgrowth) which is taking place on Tanoa Island Regions.

Cheers to a New Year!

In the off chance anyone managed to miss the lights, holiday music, and suspiciously long "gift ideas" lists, let the Board of Directors be the first to offer an enthusiastic Happy Holidays to everyone! If you already knew Christmas is next weekend, just add us to the list of well-wishers.

Fall is basically here and winter is approaching, it's time to reflect on some recent things that happened and will happen in Theseus.