We started using Trello to facilitate a better and friendlier task sharing and management among all members of Theseus. Promoting community work and discussions, board exploded within first few days and a lot of work is being done daily!

Contract page changes

Some minor changes have been made to the contract pages behind-the-scenes. A new template has been implemented in an effort to make it both slightly easier and faster for mission makers to write the briefings, as well as making it so that all contracts should more or less follow the same style.

Olympus 2

As some may already know, Theseus is preparing to move out of Stratis and over to Hebontes - our new training grounds. The construction crew is in full swing, and it is expected that we will be able to move over soon. For starters, the crew is working on rebuilding most of what is currently available on Stratis. After this, they will move on to expand it with further training courses fit for Theseus.

Armory changes

To fit in with some of the winter maps, new winter gear has been made available in the armory for purchase. You can browse them by searching for "White" in the armory tab. Along with the new winter gear, some new medical bags and insignias has been made available to our dear medics thanks to Mick and Joram. Additional high caliber pistols have also been added, giving those who manage to pass the Advanced Pistol course extra equipment to play around with.

Quite a few changes have been made to the pricing of equipment and general availability. For starters, we've gone ahead and revamped Nightvision Goggles. From now on, only Gen 3's will be available for purchase. This is to ensure that all Theseus contractors have the same visibility at night, rather than some contractors being unable to see due to only being able to get Gen 2 goggles, while others can see with their Gen 3 or 4 goggles. At the low end, the AN/PVS-14 monocular is available for all contractors. From there, you can upgrade to the regular Gen 3 binoculars. If you truly want the best field of view, and have the spare cash, the Wide night vision goggles still remain available.

Weapons have also seen an overhaul in terms of prices. Previously, weapon prices were rather inconsistent, with certain pistols being priced higher than assault rifles as an example. As such, weapons have now been priced more based on their category. At the cheap end, pistols are now priced more according to their role. Next up is Sub Machine-Guns, which are priced midway between pistols and rifles. After SMGs, the Assault Rifles, Light Machine-Guns and Marksman Rifles further increase in price. Attachment support, round caliber and more is also taken into account, so there may still be some weapons, such as the P90, which are priced more similar to the lower end rifles due to their performance.

Finally changes have been made to the prices of Light Machine-Gun ammo. The prices of large ammo boxes and belts have been lowered across the board. This ensures the Machine Gunner role does not feel "punished" economically for simply fulfilling their role of providing suppressive fire.

It should be noted that the prices aren't necessarily final, and weapons, ammo and other available items may some price changes in the future. With thousands of items in the armory, getting the price right in the first go is almost impossible, and at times some prices may be missed when going through the list. If you happen to come across a price that seems out of place, don't hesitate to let us know.

Joint operations recap

Recently, Theseus has been in many joint operations, both cooperative and adversary, working together with other groups in the Arma community. Most prominent was Helmand Valley (Sector Alpha), hosted by our friends from UST101. More events are coming up soon, as well as our own in preparation!

About Stories

Our About page got updated with 2 new stories, one from the perspective of a Recruit and one as Junior Contractor. They talk about crucial milestones a member can achieve in the company and provide an insight into our operations.

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Board of Directors