Big thanks to Tim Dau (as well as the others who helped him) who wrote the new Standard Operating Procedures document. This document replaces the old "Tactics and Procedures" document we had.


Previously we tried to make it so people had to choose a path they wanted to go in regards to training, however given our size it means that certain times some roles couldn't be filled during a mission. We've changed it so you're now allowed to take on as many certificates and licenses as you want.

Of course, you should still stick with a single role during a mission - we do not want to see someone running around as an Engineer-Medic Light Machine Gunner. You also shouldn't get all certificates/licenses just for the sake of it, but because you're actually interested in a certain role.

In addition, to help prevent people with a lot of certificates/licenses make more money than those with less certificates/licenses, we've removed the bonus payment you receive after a paid contract. To compensate for this, the payment amount per hour for contracts have been increased a little.

In-Game Name Change

As announced earlier this year, to make things overall more consistent we've decided to make it so that all players must now use their full name in-game, rather than the shorted version. So, instead of "J.James" it would now be "John James". This should hopefully also help new recruits be more familiar with names. There's a lot of players who go by first name basis, so it could be confusing for recruits who'd only see the last name.

TAC Units Mod

We recently added a new mod to our modpacks - TAC Units. This mod is a custom faction mod, and mostly involves using assets already available in our modpack (eg. CUP assets), but making some new factions out of them to make things a bit easier and simpler for mission makers. Some factions also include custom textures, such as the police faction we added.

If you wish to help out with new factions, you can head over to the GitHub page. And if you just have general suggestions for new factions, you can also head over to the GitHub issue page and suggest a new faction there.

Theseus Services

Mick has made some wonderful new plaid shirt textures for Theseus Services. You can now unleash your inner sexy lumberjack with the new Buffalo Plaid uniform, along with a few other new plaid shirts. Our engineers has also been supplied with new heavy plate carriers in black, coyote and green color variants, with a small Theseus logo stitched to the front.

The Armory

As always, the armory is constantly being updated - from adding new items to correcting items already added. The descriptions for a lot more items have now been updated (thanks to Tyrone for helping out with some of those), and whatever items that still needs their descriptions updated will hopefully be done soon.
A lot of the names for various of items have also been updated (eg. some NIArms rifles had their names changed in a recent modpack update). As always, if you see pricing errors, weapons with no ammo available etc., let us now and we'll get it corrected as soon as possible.

We have also managed to strike a deal with one of our suppliers, CUP Weapons, and new shipments of a variety of AK's from them are now available in the armory for purchase. Weapons include AKN, AK-103, AKMN, AK-74M, RPK-74M and many more variants. To complement the weapons, there's also new magazines available for both 5.45mm and 7.62mm AK variants, including compact 20 round magazines for those who wish to pack light, or bulky 60 round ones for the light machine-gunner who still needs to keep the weight down a bit compared to packing large drum magazines.

Finally, thanks to both NIArms and CUP Weapons, we're bringing in some cheap but solid assault rifles for recruits to purchase. These new rifles include the AK-74N, AKS-74U, Colt M4A1 Carbine, M16A1 and M16A2. This will allow recruits access to better long range capable rifles compared to the sub machine-guns they were limited to before, and the rifles in question all have decent upgrade paths in terms of optic support, meaning you won't have to discard your rifle once promotion hits. And of course the named rifles will also be solid options for the veteran contractor who needs a capable rifle without breaking the bank.

Other armory updates also include a slight attachment rework. Aside from flashlights, all attachments are now locked to either Junior Contractors or Contractors. This means recruits will only be able to purchase a simple flashlight when starting off. RH accessories have also been retired from the shop, and new CUP optics have been added to replace them. Current owners of RH accessories will still have access to their items for now, however soon we'll go through and replace your items for CUP or BWMod variants. This is mostly to get rid of the RH accessories mod, which at this point have not been updated since 2015 (and it's a miracle it's still working!)

The BoD has also decided to open up shop for suppressors. Junior Contractors will be able to buy suppressors for 5.56 rifles and smaller caliber pistols, while Contractors and up will be able to buy suppressors for most weapon caliber types. Recruits will continue to borrow a suppressor for the time being, if one is needed. Note that you will not be allowed to carry a suppressor to every contract. Instead, how it will work is that whenever we have a mission where stealth is an option, the mission leads can make the call that all contractors should carry a suppressor. You will then be responsible for bringing a suppressor with you for the contract.

If there's a weapon in the armory with no available suppressors, despite having some available in-game, let us know and we'll get it added (though do keep the rank requirements in mind - Junior Contractors will not see high caliber 7.62 suppressors for example).


Thanks to the efforts of Tyrone, we've seen quite a few new recruits join as of late. Big welcome to the new recruits, and hope you'll enjoy your stay with Theseus!

Driver Course

The drivers course on Olympus is almost finished and ready to go. The course is a basic drivers course that will run you through some of the basics when driving, such as how to respond to threats engaging you etc. From now on, one of the requirements for Junior Contractors will be to complete this drivers course before they can be promoted to Contractor rank.