A custom designed in-game persistence system for advanced logistics, personnel payments, and constant in game tracking.
Theseus utilizes military tactics and procedures optimized for PMC standards. Covering the basics as well as more advanced roles and leadership skills.
Missions in Theseus are conducted under the form of contracts. Covering a wide range of objective types and locations, no two contracts are the same.
Theseus does not enforce standardized gear. You will be responsible for your own apparel, weapons and ammunition.



As the year 2017 comes to an end, traditionally Theseus takes it's well deserved holidays break.
We will not be conducting any official sessions for the upcoming two weeks.
However some unofficial paid sessions may happen! Keep an eye on the contracts ticker.

The new year looks very promising so far:
- We're starting to conduct sessions with more and more personnel. This allows for Theseus to further expand to its intended structure, allowing for new licenses and roles in the field.
- Our website may receive a serious update somewhere next year, allowing us to add some cool new features.
- Shortly after the holiday break we'll be most likely conducting an operation in Cambodia. Stay tuned!

I'd also like to use this opportunity to thank members for the following:
- Mission makers who put their constant effort into making weekly missions for everyone to enjoy and participate in.
- The mod-pack team for their careful selection of high quality mods to use.
- The members who actively step up to improve protocols, work on the website, write manuals, and help Theseus in general.
- All the members that show up every week to participate in contracts.

All members have contributed to the group we've become over the years; professional, unique, immersive, but foremost enjoyable and fun. Arma 3 is a game after all.
Theseus started small but has grown exponentially and our community is to thank for that.

Big thanks to all members for yet another great year of contractor themed milsim.
See you in two weeks!

Rory Guldentops
Theseus Inc.

Season’s greetings from the members of Theseus!

Last month started off with a bang in the form of a great Halloween Special mission: Emissions. We were tasked with recovering documentation from within an underground laboratory underneath the volcano of Tanoa. Infiltration went well, but on our escape we came across some occult doings that lead to a zombified doom!

Cake Theseus is officially two years old this week. During these two years, we've gained some amazing new members and friends! We've sadly enough also lost quite a few. Theseus is overall doing great and hugely appreciates the time and effort members put into it week in week out.

Traditionally the summer period is a "slower" time with lower attendance due to vacations and other plans. However, we have some new roles to appoint in the near future.


Operations ended in the Altis region with Altis Armed Forces and NATO forces driving much of the CSAT forces from the area. Some loyalists still remain in smaller pockets scattered about the region, but with much of their funding and weapons supply chains being cut off or weakened, there is an uneasy peace for the time being.

Unfortunately, it seems that China has taken the recent spat of conflicts carried out by CSAT and other affiliated organizations to position their fleet into contested areas in the South Pacific and making claims to bordering island areas claimed by Tanoa. UPACOM has organized a meeting with a third party acting on their behalf in a neutral location in the Lingor region. Further details will follow, but Theseus Members are familiarizing themselves with the terrain for our next operation (codename: Overgrowth) which is taking place on Tanoa Island Regions.