It's time for a short news update!

We've had a couple of fantastic campaigns happen over the past few months. We moved from the gritty jungle Cambodia to tribal areas of Afghanistan, Lythium. Big thanks to Krestoffer Kresky and Kelly Gingras for running those well-made campaigns, and also to any other contributing to the mission making!

Theseus has had a couple of slow weeks as is expected during summer vacation period, this is expected to change as the summer vacation comes to an end. Biggest thanks to Krestoffer Kresky for providing short missions and fun game modes for us during this slow period.

The main upcoming agenda point is the implementation of the BWA mod in the Armory, with our very new custom Eagle IVs made by Mick Mathews, as well as custom Walther P99s made by Joram Davids.

Theseus Black Eagle IV.png