Season’s greetings from the members of Theseus!

Last month started off with a bang in the form of a great Halloween Special mission: Emissions. We were tasked with recovering documentation from within an underground laboratory underneath the volcano of Tanoa. Infiltration went well, but on our escape we came across some occult doings that lead to a zombified doom!

We continued normal operations after that, heading back to Malden and working with the MDF and Vrana Industries against the rebel force HPM. We successfully retrieved an HVT from HPM custody after a deal gone wrong, then moved on to work with the MDF directly.

The next sequence of our campaign was a larger scale operation that spanned 3 weeks. Our first week we were given the objective of taking out radio communications between the HPM and setting ourselves up for an attack on the airfield. With given equipment from MDF, we took the radio tower from them explosively.

In the middle of our campaign there was a break in the form of a joint operation with Task Force Tempor 8. While I myself was not able to attend, I’m sure it went well for everyone else!

The next week we continued our assault alongside the MDF, in a two-pronged attack on the airfield the HPM had claimed for themselves. While the MDF had trouble with their front, Theseus was quick to clear their assigned area plus extra, filling in where the MDF could not.

The last part of the campaign was finished at the start of December, so make sure to keep a look out for the next news update for the conclusion!

~ Jason