Operations ended in the Altis region with Altis Armed Forces and NATO forces driving much of the CSAT forces from the area. Some loyalists still remain in smaller pockets scattered about the region, but with much of their funding and weapons supply chains being cut off or weakened, there is an uneasy peace for the time being.

Unfortunately, it seems that China has taken the recent spat of conflicts carried out by CSAT and other affiliated organizations to position their fleet into contested areas in the South Pacific and making claims to bordering island areas claimed by Tanoa. UPACOM has organized a meeting with a third party acting on their behalf in a neutral location in the Lingor region. Further details will follow, but Theseus Members are familiarizing themselves with the terrain for our next operation (codename: Overgrowth) which is taking place on Tanoa Island Regions.

Payment Changes

Monthly salary has been removed and will no longer be paid to the contractors. Additionally, certificates and licenses bonuses have been cut by 75% (to 25% of the original bonus) and are now added to the contract pay.

This change will ease our work on assuring contractors are set to LOA status, as it will be of concern anymore. Code of Conduct document was updated according to the new bonuses.


CUP Terrains have received a big update the previous week, fixing a lot of compatibility issues with vanilla terrains, such as Tanoa dirt. Ares Mod - Achilles Expansion was also added to replace the original Ares mod, giving mission makers more Zeus modules to use for an increased mission depth.

Next on the line is ACE3 and ACRE2 updates among the big ones. Work on restructuring the backend of player inventory tracking has been finished and has went live with the last update. This will improve stability with both inventory loading and saving. All current inventory has been migrated to the new structure. Aditionally some rather big bugs have been found with Armory and Apollo, which the new system has identified. They will be fixed in the coming updates.

In the future, more restructuring will happen, improving performance, stability and maintenance work. Depot has not been forgotten either, all the restructuring and improvements that are happening are passively contributing the development of Depot as well.

Onto the year 2017!
The Board of Directors