Cheers to a New Year!

In the off chance anyone managed to miss the lights, holiday music, and suspiciously long "gift ideas" lists, let the Board of Directors be the first to offer an enthusiastic Happy Holidays to everyone! If you already knew Christmas is next weekend, just add us to the list of well-wishers.

We'd also like to thank all those who have generously donated their time and energy to Theseus in 2016. Thanks to the efforts of our mod and mission developers, the leadership of our team leads, and the incredible participation of our members, Theseus is what it is today because of you and can enter 2017 in high spirits.

Special Thanks

We'd like to offer special recognition to Cory and Kresky for their work as team leaders and mission makers during the second half of the year. They've done an excellent job keeping the Saturday contracts on track and entertaining. Also, a very special Thank You to Brent, David, Rory and everyone else who have donated to support our servers. Thanks to their donations, Theseus will continue to enjoy the benefits of a private dedicated server for months to come!

Holiday Break

Having said that, Theseus will not run missions December 24th and December 31st to allow everyone a short break for holiday fun! Sessions will resume January 7th. That does not include other sessions however, training and sub-contracts may still be scheduled as usual.

Modpack Future

Sometime over or soon after the break, expect to see a somewhat sizeable update for the modpack. Community Upgrade Project's dev team's work now exceeds the daunting standards Theseus uses to vette potential mods. The download may be large, but the added content is massive! Expect to see new ways of taking the fight to the enemy, or running away from them as the case may be. Recently added, the Military Gear Pack brings even more ways of customizing your look with a convoy load of wearables! The RH Pistol pack was recently removed due to major issues and all owned RH weapons were removed and reimbursed.

In other news, the old Squad XML method of adding patches to equipment is becoming deprecated. We would like all members to join Theseus on Arma 3 Units to help test its stability and hopefully move the workload of Squad XML off of our shoulders. All you need to do is link your Steam account and join!

Once again, thank you all for your dedication to making Theseus the most fun and advanced private military company in Arma!

Christmas Card