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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 14:00
Cam Lao Nam (SOG)
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Partly Cloudy

United States Marine Corps

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Ever since the big push by the VC and PAVN on Tet back at the end of January, Hue has been a back-and-forth conflict and both sides losing and gaining ground day by day. Charlie managed to push us out of the city to the southeast, but reports say their manpower may be wearing thin.

The guys stationed up at the Phu Bai FOB are wearing thin, and we've been asked to come in and help with the final push. We need to dislodge the bastards and push to their Citadel to drive them fully out of the city.

  • United States Marine Corps (USMC)
  • People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN)


We need to push through Hue City eliminating all Charlie contacts we find, then move north to clear out the Citadel. All civilians in the city were already rounded up and executed by the PAVN, so there's no need to worry about collateral damage.

We previously occupied the city before Tet, so there might be some weapons or gear we can recover to keep us going during the fight. That also means that Charlie could be using captured equipment and vehicles, so keep an eye out. Command recommends we clear out the Market first, since that will have the largest concentration of PAVN forces.

For extra assets, we've got a couple of M113 APCs in the motor pool that we've been OK'd to use, and we've got an Aircrew assigned to us to use for transport and CAS.

  • Clear the Captured Market, Hospital, and Army Base in Hue City
  • After clearing Hue City, advance across the bridge and capture the Citadel
  • Utilize enemy radio equipment in their command center within the Citadel to give the all-clear signal upon objective completion
  • Keep all vehicle assets you use in operable condition


  • 2x M113 Transport (M2)
  • 1x UH-1D Iroquois Slick
  • 1x AH-1G Cobra


  • Enemy Capabilities: Near Peer
  • Enemy Vehicle Composition: Light to Heavy Armoured Support Capabilities
  • EOD Required: Not Required
  • Est. Enemy Force: eg. 3x Platoon Sized Elements (32-50)
  • Est. Time Frame: 2+ Hours
  • Locked Doors: No

  • Each squad has 4 Riflemen, but Squad Leaders can choose to outfit them with specialist equipment available in the Platoon Barracks building's Armory. DO NOT arm yourself with specialist equipment unless your Squad Leader tells you to do so.

  • The Armory has available M1911A1s and M14s that are limited in number, but can be swapped out by anyone armed with an M16A1. Please leave the Browning HPs in the box for anyone who might be outfitted as a Grenadier, since they have a larger magazine size.
  • The Citadel is pretty heavily locked down, even if contact seems light. Be on the lookout for traps and ambushes when you move in there.