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Saturday, July 6, 2024 - 14:00
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Overcast, Scattered Showers

Norweigan Police Service

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A European illegal drug distribution ring has been operating a small portion of their operation out of the Vinjesvingen region of Norway. The Norwegian Police Service (NPS) was working in-tandem with EUROPOL-O2 to attempt to shut this portion of the operation down, but they encountered heavy resistance from the local cartel forces. Officers were injured and killed, and the issue only seemed to get worse. In an attempt to prevent deployment of military forces, an agent of EUROPOL was sent in as an infiltrator to work their way into the organization and gather more intel before these more drastic measures were taken. Now, as of 18 hours ago, all contact was lost with the agent after they didn't answer their most recent check-in.

  • Theseus, Inc.
  • Local Cartel


Police forces have been withdrawn from the region. The NPS, still not wanting the Norwegian government to deploy a large military force, has hired us to clear out the hostile cartel members and recover any intel we can, as well as rescue or recover the body of the EUROPOL agent. Areas where NPS officers have previously encountered cartel members have been marked on our operational map. Civilians have not been evacuated from the region, but public announcements have been made about this operation using local radio and television stations in the region, as well as posts on relevant local sites online. Don't enter buildings unless there was a hostile presence nearby, and watch your fire in case someone is unaware of what's going on. Cartel members have been freely roaming around the area since the NPS had evacuated, drone flyovers have shown there may also be drug caches in or around the marked areas. Find them and mark them with GPS tags if possible.

  • Determine the location of and rescue the undercover EUROPOL agent (or retrieve their body), and return them to the FOB.
  • Eliminate or detain all cartel aggressors you encounter.
  • Mark at least 1 large drug cache with a GPS tag.
  • Detain at least 2 cartel members and return them to the FOB.
  • Mark all large drug caches in the operational area with GPS tags.


  • 4x Polaris DAGOR (Green)
  • N/A
  • N/A


  • Enemy Capabilities: Organised
  • Enemy Vehicle Composition: Improvised Armored Capabilities
  • EOD Required: Not Required
  • Est. Enemy Force: ~2x Platoon Sized Element (32-50)
  • Est. Time Frame: ~1.5 Hours
  • Locked Doors: No

  • The NPS would prefer us to take as many suspects as possible into custody, and will offer a bonus for completion of this secondary objective.

  • Contractors are permitted to search all buildings within reason. If you force entry into a civilian's building without them having any suspicious intent, you will not receive the bonus for this operation even if all bonus objectives are completed.
  • It's possible some civilians may have not seen announcements broadcasted, since they were only sent out a short time before your arrival. Watch your fire.
After action report: 

Theseus contractors successfully located the body of a captured EUROPOL agent and marked 4 drug caches against heavily armed cartel resistance. 3 cartel prisoners were taken.

No contractors were KIA.