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Saturday, September 16, 2023 - 14:00
Local Time: 
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Clear Skies

Lingor's Government

Mission Type: 


We're being called up for a rapid deployment to an ongoing conflict at the city of Corazon. Several dozen gunmen, likely more, have taken over the local Eva Lingoria Hotel and several positions around the city of Corazon. They appear to be actively attacking civilians and are attempting to hold some of them hostage. Unfortunately most windows were covered so we aren't aware of the current situation inside the Hotel.

We have three possible entries into the hotel: the front door into the lobby, a back entrance towards the local market and using the Bird to land atop the roof if the approach is clear.

Most of the guests and locals made it out; however, there are still civilians holed up in there. The perimeter, held by the local police while armed forces relocate to the area, is still reporting sporadic gunfire towards their positions. You need to get in there and bring order to chaos by neutralizing or arresting the gunmen. In addition, you need to locate and evacuate all remaining civilians to the designated drop-off point.

Review the information, choose your entries, and get your gear together. It's time to go to work.

  • Theseus Inc.
  • Local Police.
  • Unknown armed hostiles.


Bring order to the chaos spreading through the city of Corazon.

  • Rescue all hostages from the Eva Lingoria Hotel, if the majority of civilians are dead the mission will be considered a failure.
  • Eliminate/Capture all hostile gunmen involved with the Hotel situation.
  • Discover what happened at the warehouses.
  • Identify if hostiles represent any group, if so adquire evidence of their allegiance.


  • 6 x Arcadian GT
  • 1 x MH6M Little Bird
  • N/A


  • Enemy Capabilities: Near Peer
  • Enemy Vehicle Composition: Light Armored Support Capabilities
  • EOD Required: Not Required
  • Est. Enemy Force: Platoon Sized Element (32 - 50), Company Sized Element (100-150)
  • Est. Time Frame: 2 Hour
  • Locked Doors: No

Enemies seem to be organized and haven't taken a single casualty if the police reports are to be believed. Severe damage was done to buildings and hundreds of rounds were fired in rapid succession, current theory is that they are a well equipped force and have taken their time to fortify their positions.

There seems to be quite a bit of radio chatter coming from Corazon, hostiles seem to be communicating with someone other than police.

The timeline for this incident is as follows:

  • 01:05: Several shots are heard from the warehouse(grid 057048) on the NW of Corazon. Civilians flee.
  • 01:11: First responding patrol cars arrive and engage into a firefight through the stress of Corazon..
  • 01:23: Both sides retreat after Police boats manage to suppress hostiles trying to embark on boats at the Docks(Grid 060047).
  • 02:05: Perimeter is established and negotiator arrives and attempts first contact but receives no answer from the armed individuals inside the Eva Lingoria Hotel(Grid 058047).
  • 03:35: Suspects issue initial, conflicting demands for helicopters, money and a truck.
  • 04:49: More shots heard from inside the hotel. Police try to make entry and fail.
  • 06:20: Request is issued: Board of Directors receives communication from Lingor's Government.
  • 07:10: Contractors that were in the region have their vacations revoked and assigned to emergency contracts.
  • 08:00: Theseus enters the AO.




After action report: 

Theseus was tasked with a critical mission in the city of Corazon, which included primary objectives such as rescuing hostages, neutralising or capturing hostile gunmen, investigating warehouses, and identifying any affiliations of the hostiles.​​

While the team was investigating the warehouses, they made a startling discovery. The warehouses had been rigged with explosive traps, posing a grave threat and adding a layer of complexity to the mission. Responding with professionalism and quick thinking, the team took immediate action to safeguard their members by evacuating the building.

As the team embarked on the challenging task of clearing the Eva Lingoria Hotel, they encountered numerous obstacles. CQC engagements were fierce, and tragically, some team members were lost during the ingress of the hotel building. These sacrifices demonstrated the exceptional bravery and dedication of the team members in carrying out their mission under extraordinarily challenging circumstances.

However, the challenges did not end there. During the clearing of the hotel, a QRF from the south, consisting of heavily armed and well-equipped Vanguard forces, launched an assault. Despite the heavily armed QRF, Theseus managed to repel the Vanguard forces and maintain control of the situation. This successful defence highlighted the team's tactical proficiency and ability to adapt to evolving threats in real time.

Furthermore, the team faced challenges with the initial helicopter extraction plan. Despite the unsuccessful helicopter extraction, the team displayed resourcefulness and determination. They managed to secure a ground vehicle that was used to successfully pick up the rescued hostages, ensuring their safe evacuation.

Unfortunately, 4 contractors were KIA during the course of the contract.