Contract Type: 
Sunday, January 22, 2023 - 14:00

Dingor Government

Mission Type: 
Bleeding Hearts


After our mine clearing efforts in the Villon region, the Government has decided to allow its citizens to return home, they are currently waiting at the IDAP camp.

Dr. Griffin has asked that we hurry as there is an urgent matter developing at the camp.

Friendly Forces
  • Theseus Inc.
Enemy Forces
  • Criminals, Revolutionary remnants and profiteers.


Theseus has been tasked with the following objectives:

Primary Objectives
  • Head to the IDAP Camp.
  • Resolve the urgent matter at the IDAP Camp.
Secondary Objective
  • Unknown at this time


  • Check Vehicle Pool
  • Check Vehicle Pool
  • 2x HEMTT Transport


  • Dingor does not have laws against civilians from owning firearms which has led to militias, as its unclear who is enemy and who is not ROE is strict return fire ONLY.
  • Ensure you are actually being shot at before engaging the wrong people. "A hiss means it's close. A snap means they're shooting at you."
After action report: 

A small team of contractors met with Dr. Griffin, freakin' sweet, at the IDAP camp in the far southeastern region of Dingor. The IDAP camp was surrounded by armed Dingorians when the team entered the camp. Dr. Griffin immediately identified the armed irregulars ammassed in the village as hostile, requesting our aid in driving them back. Hostilities commenced and the assaulting force was dispatched. Unfortunately, a small number of the refugees were caught in the gunfire and killed. The remaining refugees were transported to El Villon to return to their homes away from the fighting. Though injuries were many, no Theseus contractors were killed in the fighting.