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Saturday, June 18, 2016 - 14:00
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After some recognizable names were found in the ledger belonging to Cherno-Russian supporters, the President, for better or worse, has publicly announced the findings during an official TV and Radio broadcast across Esseker and some surrounding areas.

The good news is that his plan worked in swaying some who were on the fence to support a continued independent Esseker.

The bad news is it's also raised tensions on the outskirts of the main city area, resulting in increased patrols, and increased propaganda and "aid" from Cherno-Russian occupiers trying to win back some bad press. Furthermore, although we gained some support, others thought the decision rash and foolish, and have further distanced themselves from supporting the current President.

So in conclusion, this announcement has made it easier for us to see who's on what side of this current civil skirmish, just not exactly in a way that's really beneficial.


Today's mission involves extracting 2 former Cherno-Russian Supporters. These two men were former Esseker Defense who were captured in the previous conflict, who were spared due to their abilities and willingness to cooperate. We have been told in short; After hearing of the supposed ledger existence on the radio, these two former Esseker Defense soldiers began asking some questions around their camp, arguments, then a brawl, and one dead Cherno-Russian officer later, these guys want amnesty in exchange for information.

The last message we received gave us their planned final location, and when they plan to get there. It also states that they only have enough supplies to last a few days, a week max, and very little ammo (2 magazines), and one working gun.

They risked a lot in getting this last message to us, and there's no doubt they have been tracked to some degree.


- Find the 2 Former Esseker Defense Soldiers and bring them to the FOB
- Avoid enemy patrols and contact