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Saturday, August 20, 2022 - 14:00
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Clear Skies

Sahrani Government

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The Cartels are holding a dynastic wedding, and we are not invited. In addition to the hosts, there will be high-ranking representatives of three other mafia families attending, and the all-day celebration promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime festival of excess in the way that only dozens of drug lords letting down their hair can have. Fortunately for us--and unfortunately for the attendees--Theseus has received official sanction to crash this party.

Friendly Forces
  • Theseus Inc.
Enemy Forces
  • Cartel


The government of Sahrani has collaborated with Interpol and a number of other nations' law enforcement bodies to arrest these mafia dons down in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, Sahrani cannot rely on its own domestic law enforcement as its police are believed to be in the pay of the Cartels. That left Theseus as their best option, and we've been brought in to do the job quickly and quietly enough that the Cartel bigwigs won't know about it until it's too late.

Although the Sahrani authorities would certainly prefer to arrest these Cartel figures, they know that they are sending us into a den of heavily armed organized criminals and have privately indicated that they will also consider the contract complete if the Cartel VIPs do not make it out alive.

Primary Objective(s)
  • Kill all 5 Cartel VIPs in the resort. VIPs are clearly distinguishable in dress from guards.
Secondary Objective(s)
  • Capture and extract all 5 Cartel VIPs in the resort.


  • 5 x Cargo Van (civilian coloring)
  • N/A
  • N/A


  • The Cartel compound is a famous hotel and resort complex in Southern Sahrani in the picturesque Vallejo. After their devastating civil war, the Cartel bought it cheap and turned it into an exclusive getaway for the rich, the criminal, and the paranoid--In their case, all three. The cliffs above are ringed by sniper towers, and the way in has no fewer than four checkpoints. In addition, the valley is too narrow and windy to insert via helicopter, making a ground approach the only option.

  • Just to the Northeast of the resort itself is a small lodging area for staff. Command presumes that guest staff that have arrived include a potential elite security team from each visiting cartel family. In addition, the host family has gone all-out on security. Expect a heavy presence of Cartel sicarios acting as bodyguards and grounds guards.

  • From construction plans, a rough layout of the resort is known. The central hotel building houses the host family's guests and local VIPs. There are three bungalow-style multistorey buildings, each of which is presumed to be dedicated to an individual mafia family, with arrest targets occupying the penthouses. Despite the necessity of arresting Cartel VIPs, there are a large number of noncombatant civilians onsite. Contractors should exercise discretion.

  • Theseus command has put together a rough plan to infiltrate the wedding by getting a series of dummy companies hired on as wedding caterers, flower suppliers, delivery services and waitstaff. We have been provided with several cargo vans with their logos in order to go through the layers of Cartel security. The disguise should hold up until the inner layers of security search the contents of the van. Van drivers should naturally be in civilian clothing. Of necessity, it also means that we only have only one time window: the very early morning right before the wedding.

  • Command has identified a key weakness in the Cartel compound's construction, a leftover from the pre-civil war resort. A minor electrical substation within the Cartel security cordon--but outside of the compound's heavily guarded walls--controls electricity connections for both the hotel and the staff lodging. Destroying this immediately upon discovery will cut the power to the compounds and disrupt their coordination and response.