Contract Type: 
Saturday, November 20, 2021 - 14:00
Local Time: 

Theseus Inc

Mission Type: 


A shipment of the new and improved GT Arcadians has been lost whilst on route to Altis. The shipment contained 4x - Grey (Armed) 2x - Tan and 2x - Green.

Theseus intelligence teams have managed to find the possible locations of the unarmed arcadians which have been taken by local Alits gangs.

The four Armed Arcadians have been spotted at a Seven Rings facility in Pyrgos. However before attacking the seven ring facilities we need to acquire hard evidence linking them to the stolen shipment.

Expecting the gangs and Seven rings are in collusion it may be possible that the Seven Ring forces will start to extract from Altis after reports of the gangs being attacked. Therefore the Intel confirming Seven Rings involvement must be acquired before 0600. Theseus command will inform contractors when they have the Green Light to assault Pyrgos.

Friendly Forces
  • Theseus Inc.
Enemy Forces
  • Altis Gang
  • Seven Rings


Theseus are to assault the six gang locations to recover arcadians and aquire intel which will greenlight assault on Seven Ring forces stationed in Pyrgos

Primary Objective
  • Return stolen Unarmed Arcadians to Theseus FOB
Secondary Objectives
  • Aquire Intel to Green Light an attack on Seven Ring forces in Pyrgos within the hour.
  • Return Armed Arcadians at Pyrgos to Theseus FOB


  • N/A
  • AH-6M-L Little Bird x1
  • Mh-6M Little Bird x2
  • UH-60M (Unarmed) x2
  • CH-47I Chinook x1
  • Mi-290 Taru x2
  • N/A


Enemy Composition
  • Altis Gangs Capabilities – Unorganized Unarmoured with Low grade weaponry (Handguns Shotguns Old War Era Rifles) expect between 5-20 members at each location.
  • We are predicting Seven Rings forces will try to extract by sea using a Zubr-Class LCAC
Area of Operations

Map of AO


Staging Area

After action report: 

Theseus teams embarked on a rapid reconnaissance and assault of local Altis gang positions using three little bird helicopters.
Four sites of six were identified with high altitude aerial reconnaissance and airmobile infantry were directed to assault each site, with all four unarmed arcadians recovered. Due to C3 issues caused by terrain interference and radio malfunction, coordination between air and ground teams were greatly hampered after the assault on the second objective, but contractors in charge were able to manually pass orders to infantry teams and helicopters to assault the final two points. Unfortunately due to the aforementioned C3 issues, Seven Rings were able to successfully extract from Pyrgos while Theseus teams were still attempting to reorganize. Consequently, we believe that they have gotten away will their stolen armed Arcadians.

2 contractors lost their lives on this mission.