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Saturday, February 27, 2021 - 14:00
Sahrani (Southern)
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Clear Skies

Sahrani Monarchy

Mission Type: 


The core of Sahrani’s army has revolted against their monarch quickly taking over the South of the island. The still loyal Royal Army Corp managed to secure the Northern half but with their fewer numbers had to fall back to the Northern Airfield to wait for reinforcements after the Liberation Army made a push north securing key fuel resource points. The Sahrani Monarchy have hired Theseus to spearhead a push to clear Fuel stations and strike into the heart of the Liberation Army.

Friendly Forces
  • Theseus Inc.
  • Royal Army Corps of Sahrani.
Enemy Forces
  • Sahrani Liberation Army


Assault and Clear Fuel Stations from the Sahrani Liberation Army

Primary Objectives
  • Clear Fuel station in Paraiso (060 | 067)
  • Clear Fuel station in Cayo (043 | 030)
  • Clear Fuel station in Tiberia (045 | 024)
  • Clear Fuel station in Dolores (063 | 033)
Secondary Objectives
  • Clear Fuel station in North Chantico (035 | 066)
  • Clear Fuel station in North East Paraiso (068 | 074)
  • Clear Fuel station in North East Cayo (052 | 036)


  • Arcadian GT x6
  • MH-6M Little Bird x1
  • UH-60M (Unarmed) x1
  • M113A2 Super-Gavin (If Purchased)


Mission Intelligence
  • The Liberation Army wear a desert BDU and utilise a Kalashnikov weapon platform.
  • They will have helmets but little to no body armour.

Known Equipment:

  • Specialist Weapons they have are: KSVK (Sniper), RPG-7, RPG-18, Metis AT-13, Igla 9K38 (MANPAD)
  • Turrets: DShKM, M2, ZU-23-2, AGS-30
  • Vehicles: UAZs, Urals, Gaz-24 Volga, BTR-40, BRDM-2, UH-1H
  • The enemy have approximately 5 BRDMs but most will only be equipped with a PKM in the gunner turret.
  • All ZU-23-2s are in Tiberia

  • Tiberia and Cayo are the Liberation Armies main staging cities but most infantry forces are expected to be spread out after their push north.

  • Wirecutters Recommended
  • Most civilians should be safe inside their houses and not out in the streets

Area of Operations

Map of AO

North of AO

South of AO

After action report: 

Theseus deployed into Sahrani to spearhead an assualt on keypoint fuel stations. Upon successfully clearing out all enemy threats, all Ares teams were picked up and dropped in by Helios to clear out the next objectives.

Following this all Ares units proceeded to move in and assault the last remaining primary Objective, Larry. Upon clearing Larry leaving only two minor secondary objectives for the Royal Army Corps to finish, Actual called mission complete and requested Exfil and RTB.

3 Contractors were killed in action.