Contract Type: 
Saturday, August 8, 2020 - 14:00
Malden 2035
Local Time: 
Local Weather: 
Heavy Rain, High Winds


Mission Type: 


Tropical Storm Karen has been hammering the Island of Malden for the past several days. Initially IDAP was distributing food, water and other supplies. As Tropical Storm Karen intensified, IDAP began evacuating civilians off the island to their facilities on other smaller islands and from there to other countries not affected by the storm. Theseus has been providing security for IDAP personnel working on the evacuation of civilians.

Malden Civil Police have blocked all access in and out of towns and cities to aid in the evacuation efforts. Only Military, Police, IDAP and Theseus vehicles and personnel are permitted to move freely around the island of Malden.

2 hours ago, IDAP lost communication with their 10 person team in La Riviere. At the same time, Theseus lost contact with the 5 contractor element providing security for that same IDAP team. After a high level discussion, both Theseus BoD and IDAP Executives have agreed that a larger Theseus force will be inserted into La Riviere to investigate the loss of communication from both teams and to continue the evacuation of civilians from the town.

Friendly Forces
  • Theseus Inc.
  • Malden Civil Police
Enemy Forces
  • Militia Group (w/small arms) - Confirmed
  • Looters - Not confirmed


Theseus has been tasked with the following objectives:

Primary Objective(s)
  • Continue evacuating civilians from La Riviere to the IDAP Civilian Drop-off.
  • Determine status of IDAP Evacuation Team.
  • Determine status of Theseus Contractors.
Secondary Objective(s)
  • Secure any looters and transport to Theseus Staging building


  • x1 Arcadian GT (IDAP Staging La Riviere)
  • x1 IDAP Transport Van (IDAP Staging La Riviere)
  • x1 IDAP Cargo Van (IDAP Staging La Riviere)
  • x2 Transport Trucks (Theseus Staging Area)
  • x1 UH-60M (Theseus Staging Area)
  • x4 Civilian RHIB (Docks west of Theseus Staging Area)
  • Do not fire unless fired upon.


Theseus | IDAP Staging Area Theseus Staging

Overall AO AO

IDAP Staging Area (La Riviere) eyestorm3.jpg

Theseus has a 5 contractor element providing security for 10 IDAP workers conducting evacuation work in La Riviere. Initial reports indicated that the work was proceeding on pace and 2 loads of civilians had been evacuated.

While looters have been reported in some towns around the island, there are no reports of looters in La Riviere from the Theseus security team. Initial briefings on the contract indicated there was a small right wing militia group operating in La Riviere at Grid: 0365 | 0343 but the Theseus security team reported no contact with the group.

At 1200 hours, a scheduled check-in was missed by both the IDAP workers and the Theseus security team. At 1300 hours, it was decided to send a larger Theseus force to La Riviere to investigate the status of both the IDAP workers and the Theseus security detail.

As tropical storm Karen rages on, the evacuation of the civilians is still a top priority and the second Theseus force has been tasked with continuing this humanitarian effort.

Civilians transported from La Riviere are to be brought to the IDAP Staging Area (twin barracks) and after checking in with IDAP personnel, civilians should be escorted to barracks rooms as space allows.

If the second force encounters looters in the town of La Riviere, they are to be detained and brought back to the Theseus Staging Area and held there for processing by Malden authorities.

While public carrying of weapons is prohibited in Malden, there is a high probability that civilians in their homes could be armed to protect themselves and their property. Those civilians with weapons should be disarmed and evacuated but not detained as looters.

After action report: 

Theseus deployed into La Riviere, after rescuing approximately 50 civilians and capturing multiple looters Ares teams encountered a militia group which had disguised itself as Theseus Contractors and IDAP aid workers. All the cash present was handed over to the local police.

No Contractors were killed in action.