Contract Type: 
Saturday, January 12, 2019 - 14:00
Mission Start Time: 



An IDAP camp in northern Takistan has been unable to get supplies since early December, ground convoys being burned down and pillaged, cargo drops stolen and the planes shot down.
The situation is getting a bit desperate, which is why Theseus has been contracted.

According to our intelligence ground convoys are out of the question, IDAP needs those supplies now and it would take a week to safely arrive.
We're going to have to get those supplies paradropped.

First drop:
- 4x Cargo crates

Second drop:
- 5x Doctors

Which is why, after some deliberations, NATO has accepted to help, we are tasked to secure a valley north of Shukurkalay for the first drop, away from AA positions, and NATO will take care of dropping the cargo for us.
However, NATO refuses to do a second pass at that location, fearing that AA might move in from Feruz Abad and shoot them down.
Meaning that we'll have to secure a second location, between Garmarud and Iramat, hopefully those doctors know how to tuck and roll.

Both drops will be south to north.
Expect ambushes on the roads, and don't get too close to the strongholds, good luck.

UN forces around the camp.
- 3x Eagle IV MRAPs
- 1x Cargo Transport Van
- 4x IDAP Offroads

Takistani Army - No body armor, helmets, high caliber weapons, AT launchers and static AA around the strongholds.
Takistani Militias - No armor of any kind, powerful weapons, high numbers.


Go the the first drop location and secure it, once done call in the NATO airdrop by throwing a Hi-Chemlight, pay attention to the wind so you don't send the crates in a tree.
Once you've retrieved all the crates bring them back to the camp, rearm if necessary then repeat the above at the second location, this time make sure to secure the doctors as fast as possible.
They should be too afraid to move after landing, so at least we won't have to chase after them.

- Secure the First drop location.
- Call the airdrop in with a Hi-Chemlight.
- Retrieve and bring back the loaded cargo van back to the camp.

- Secure the second drop location.
- Call the airdrop in with a Hi-Chemlight.
- Retrieve and bring back the doctors to the camp, alive.


First drop location:

Second drop location:

After action report: 

Theseus was tasked to retrieve humanitarian supplies for IDAP from two air drops. Locations were close to enemy territory with unknown enemy positions.

One air drop, consisting of 4 containers, was successfully retrieved. However, due to higher than expected enemy force, Theseus decided to go for the other drop at a later time.