Contract Type: 
Saturday, November 3, 2018 - 14:00
Mission Start Time: 

Government of Lingor


The situation in Lingor is fast deteriorating with the ARL (Armadas Revolucionarias de Lingor) calling for outright revolution and launching raid after raid on GAL (Government Army de Lingor) forces and cities.

Colonel Ernesto Markez, formerly of the GAL has declared himself for the people of Lingor and sided with the ARL. Needless to say this doesn’t sit very well with El Presidente as its both a tactical and political nightmare if one of his senior staff is suddenly on the other side of the conflict.

El Presidente has tasked Theseus with assaulting Colonel Markez’ HQ in Southern Lingor, capturing him, and returning him to FOB Rockstar. El Presidente has made it clear that he wants Colonel Markez alive and has offered Theseus good incentives to ensure this happens. If there is absolutely no alternative to capturing the Colonel, then he is to be eliminated.


Since declaring himself for the ARL, Colonel Markez has fortified his HQ and is prepared for an assault.

Colonel Ernesto Markez and bodyguards
Colonel Ernesto Markez

Drone Image HQ
Drone Image HQ

Drone Image HQ
Drone Image HQ

According to GAL records the following weapons systems have been assigned to Colonel Markez’ HQ:

  • HMMWV Avenger ADS - x1
  • HMMWV Crows M2 - x1
  • HMMWV Standard - x4
  • MTVR Transport - x2
  • M2 HMG - x5
  • TOW AT Battery - x1
  • M252 81mm Mortar - x1
  • Garrison: 40-50 soldiers

Checkpoint Sur is the last GAL friendly control point. South of Checkpoint Sur should be considered enemy controlled territory. ARL QRF is likely to come from: Marcella, El Villon, and/or Aeropuerto Sargento. CAS could interdict any and all QRF from these locations but the HQ Air Defense would have to be dealt with first.


GAL Forces have provided Theseus with the following:

  • MAAWS Launcher - x2
  • HMMWV M1151 M2 - x4
  • Unarmed Transport Van - x1
  • AH6M Little Bird - x1
  • MH6M Little Bird - x1


Current local time is 0400 Hours. Skies are overcast with a chance of precipitation.

Theseus Inc.
GAL (Government Army de Lingor) - US based small arms, equipment and vehicles

Defected GAL (Government Army de Lingor) - US based small arms, equipment and vehicles
ARL (Armadas Revolucionarias de Lingor) - Russian based small arms and equipment, civilian and converted civilian vehicles.


Theseus has been tasked with the following objectives:

Primary Objective:
Assault Colonel Ernesto Markez’ HQ

Secondary Objective:
Capture/Kill Colonel Ernesto Markez and return to FOB Rockstar

After action report: 

Theseus was contracted to capture a defector from the GAL (Government Army of Lingor) as tensions continue to escalate between the ARL and GAL.

Using combined CAS and armed HMMWV's, Theseus successfully assaulted Colonel Ernesto Markez' HQ in southern Lingor and captured the Colonel.

El Presidente is once again very happy with Theseus' services and a long term contract in Lingor is in the works.

One Theseus contractor was killed during the assault.