The Board is pushing out a fairly big update in regards to the modpack, armory, and training. On top of that Arma 3 Apex was also released.


  • Updated CUP to 1.2.0
  • Updated CBA to 3.0.0 (Adopted several functions from ACE3.)
  • Updated ACE to 3.6.2 (Now with the new Gunbags for DMR certified personnel.)

In the next modpack update we'll be adding the following mods:

  • SC SCAR Port: The SCAR-L and SCAR-H rifles in different lengths and configurations.
  • Spec 4 Vests: London Bridge Tactical Modular Plate Carriers and Crye Gen3 Combat Uniforms in various loadouts and camos.

We've made all the Apex content available for purchase in the Armory, with the possession of the respective licenses of course. If you do encounter any bugs, please let us know.

The training doctrine is about to receive yet another milestone with the introduction of the first two licenses; the Medical and Pilot licenses. Documentation for both has been added to the Training Page All those who are interested (and meet the training requirements) may apply with one of the instructors for further processing.


The Board of Directors