Contract Type: 
Saturday, July 9, 2016 - 14:00
Mission Start Time: 


Situation :

The acting president is calling on all members of the Esseker Defense Front to mobilize and recapture Gulash. In order to achieve this, EDF will need to liberate and gain control of the Neptune Resort area. The nights have been long and getting sleep is even more difficult due to the constant mortar threat originating near that area. Many civilians on our side of the river, report of missing persons and lost loved ones during the nights as well.

Mission :

Our part of the mission is to cross the river into Neptune Resort area, neutralize any threats and find and destroy the mortar position and any possible AA. Once the heavy emplacements have been cleared, we are to radio EDF command, and maintain a defensive position until further orders.

Additional Intel :

We will not be operating alone on this, we will have support from the following units available in the area.

Esseker Defense Forces participating in this Mission
  • 109th Motor Rifles - 2 x Infantry Squads + APC + Wheeled Transport
  • 45th Airborne Guards (Recon Company) - 2 x Light Infantry Squads