Contract Type: 
Saturday, June 25, 2016 - 14:00
Mission Start Time: 


Situation :

The former Cherno-Russian we brought back, gave us a full run down of current operations as he remembers, as well giving us updated intel on enemy compositions in certain areas. We have corroborated this with recon by Esseker Defense Forces and it seems to hold up. Information has been updated to all GPS units, and should give us a better understanding of what we are up against.

Unfortunately, due to the time spent tracking this guy down, we lost precious time, as we have just found out an offensive push is being made into the areas of Gulash and Lug. Esseker Defense are in control of the area, but their forces will not be able to sustain a full push by Cherno-Russian forces. Reinforcements have been sent from the north to assist, however, we are unsure if they'll be able to make it in time due to poor weather and increased ambushes on main roads.

Mission :

Theseus is being tasked to assist in the defense efforts at Lug and Gulash if possible. Lug is well fortified with barricades and walls, as well as being occupied with a good garrison of Esseker Defense. Gulash is at risk of being lost, and although it would be great to hold it, it's importance has been deemed low priority, despite civilians living in the area.

Former ruins and buildings surrounding Lug may provide vantage points for overwatch or marksman positions, as well as forward recon areas.

Additional Intel :

Intel suggests at least 4 full squads as well as motorized support moving out from Neptune Resort.

Esseker Defense units located in the south east have warned against traveling any where near the main city of Esseker due to increased patrols by ground and air.

Weather sucks.