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Saturday, July 2, 2022 - 14:00
Malden 2035
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Local Weather: 
Clear Skies


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Three days ago, joint venture talks between the German RTK Defence Group and the Iranian BNI Ventures collapsed after reported irreconcilable disagreements. Approximately 8 hours ago, Militares Sans Frontieres (MSF) commandos raided RTK R/D facilities in Essen, stealing several hard drives containing sensitive information on next-gen weapons systems and fleeing to a secured transit point in Malden. RTK and NATO intelligence have both confirmed that the raiders are likely associated with BNI.

RTK has asked Theseus to retrieve its sensitive material. They believe that MSF is unable to crack the hardware encryption on their stolen data and intend to physically hand it off to CSAT intelligence. NATO intel believes that a CSAT sub is en route to Malden and will be able to send a launch to retrieve the package by 0600, but will hold off if they are unable to confirm that MSF has secured the area.

MSF forces are reported to have overwhelmed the local government with a minmimal force. As such they are believed to have some presence at Malden airport and normal channels of moving equipment are not available. Logistics has had to make do by landing light equipment on the opposite side of Malden from the airport.

Friendly Forces
  • Theseus Inc.
Enemy Forces
  • Militares Sans Frontieres


Theseus combat diver team is to secure package before 0600 and clear landward side approach of guards and presumed CSAT liasons, then support the landward approach by skirmishing with MSF from the rear. Combat divers are advised to cache non-diving gear in the SDV to be retrieved once package is secure.

Theseus land team will assault the landward approach to the smuggler's cove and extract the combat diver team and package.

Primary Objectives
  • Secure hard drives before 0600
  • Bring hard drives back to TAC base


  • 6 x Arcadian GT
  • N/A
  • 1 x SDV covert underwater insertion vehicle
  • 1 x Pallet of combat diver gear


  • High altitude drones from NATO observed MSF positions in Western Malden before bad weather made them ineffective. Imagery indicates an approximately company-sized force with heavy weapons but no vehicles. The smuggler's cove itself is heavily guarded, with what appears to be a hastily emplaced set of barbed wire barriers at the landward entrance, as well as machine guns and wire-guided missiles on the seaward side.
  • While the area is heavily fortified against a surface attack and MSF forces can likely hold out against a landward assault long enough to ensure retrieval, it is vulnerable to an assault by divers.
  • Extraction of the combat diver team is expected to be difficult and only be feasible from the landward side. The packages are vulnerable to water, and will be destroyed if extracted by the divers. Due to the steep terrain and heavy fortification, a helicopter extraction has been ruled out. Similarly, heavy fortifications on the seaward side rule out a surface extraction without the kind of heavy firepower that might endanger the team. As a result, combat divers should expect to secure the package and await retrieval by the landward assault team.
  • NATO intelligence has suggested that there may be one or more liason personnel on site from CSAT to confirm receipt of the package. These personnel will likely be at or near the smuggler's dock, and will likely be the only point of contact for CSAT.
After action report: 

Theseus teams deployed into Malden to secure the hard drive with Ares 1 taking a ground route and Ares 2 taking the sea route.

After heavy engagements pushing towards the smugglers cove taking casualties the ground team arrived at the cove within the allotted timeframe linking up with Ares 2 approaching from the North.

All objectives were completed.

5 Contractors were killed in action.