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Saturday, June 25, 2022 - 14:00
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Clear Skies

Altis Government

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Following a breakdown in negotiations between the United States and the Republic of Altis, US armed forces unilaterally withdrew from the island. The Altian government decided to align with Russian interests which angered some of the countries' populace. These individuals centralized in Oreokastro and convinced some of the US Army to refuse withdrawal from the island.

The Altian government has given thorough notice to individuals in the town that further presence will be considered treason and held further discussion with the United States over their deserter soldiers. With the US's reluctant acceptance, the Alitan government has hired Theseus to remove the remaining US forces from their island and arrest civilians of the town that have refused to evacuate.

The US government has offered extra compensation to Theseus if the commanding officer of the mechanized platoon, John Fleece, is captured and extradited to the United States for trial.

Friendly Forces
  • Theseus Inc.
Enemy Forces
  • Renegade US Army mechanized platoon
  • Altian militia of Oreokastro


Eliminate the US Army mechanized platoon in the town of Oreokastro

Primary Objectives
  • Destroy all Bradley IFVs in the town of Oreokastro
  • Eliminate >80% of the US deserters
Secondary Objectives
  • Arrest and extract civilians from the town of Oreokastro
  • Arrest and extract the platoon CO John Fleece


  • Arcadian GT (Green) x6
  • Wiesel 2 (ATGM) x1 - Tanks DLC Required
  • CH-47I Chinook x1 - Helicopters DLC Required
  • MH-6M Little Bird (Theseus Black) x1
  • N/A


  • Oreokastro is located in the North Eastern mountains of Altis around Grid: 046 214
  • The mechanized platoon is comprised of 4 Bradley IFVs and 3 infantry squads carrying modern weapons and equipment.
  • The US Army reports 49 personnel missing
  • The Altian militia of Oreokastro is equipped with early cold war US gear including M16s and flak jackets
After action report: 

Theseus Contractors landed near the town of Oreokastro, and was under fire as they inserted. Contact was dealt with and the team managed to occupy the castle to the West and assess the situation, bringing in reinforcements.

Theseus took fire from the town and the Bradleys posted inside it, and the Wiesel 2 was disabled, robbing Theseus of some much needed AT. Most of the Bradleys were able to be destroyed thanks to the quick thinking of Ares 2, and the remainder was dealt with when additional reinforcements arrived. The town quickly fell to Theseus contractors after the armoured threats were dealt with.

5 Contractors KIA