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Sunday, December 5, 2021 - 15:00
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Clear Skies

Chadian National Army

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The year is 1988. Libyan forces looking to annex northern Chad have lost their local proxies and are fighting against a unified Chadian army for the first time. Our command has taken advantage of our army's excellent offroad mobility to raid the muscle-bound Libyan military deep behind their lines.

Command has identified a Libyan transit base in the area near an old oil prospecting area. This base is serving as a temporary stop for reinforcements to the front lines but is over 300 kilometers behind where the majority of enemy forces are engaged.

Friendly Forces
  • Chadian National Army
Enemy Forces
  • Libyan Army


Although our forces are otherwise ill-equipped, without even radios for comms, we have excellent tactical mobility and significant numbers of heavy weapons. Our task is to find the base, raid the base, and destroy all vehicles before withdrawing back to our lines.

Primary Objective
  • Destroy all armored vehicles at the base
Secondary Objective
  • Destroy all soft-skinned vehicles at the base


  • 4 x Hilux DShK HMG
  • 2 x Hilux SPG
  • 1 x Hilux ZU-23-2
  • 6 x Hilux Unarmed
  • N/A
  • N/A


Our raiding party is presumed to have strategic surprise. Enemy forces are not on alert and any QRF will likely be slow to arrive. Scout reports indicate vehicles are not crewed, and crews are housed in nearby barracks and only work near their vehicles during the day.

The Libyan base is known to host a reinforced mechanized company and features a helipad. Vehicles present are depot reinforcements for the fighting to the south, and feature a variety of Soviet export vehicles including IFVs and tanks of various obsolete types.

The base layout includes crew barracks and helipad at the northern end while vehicle parking and depots are at the southern end. Patrols are light and most fortifications are unmanned. However, our scouts were local Bedouin and could not relate to us the exact position of the base, except that it is within our AO.