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Sunday, October 17, 2021 - 15:00
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Clear Skies

Cadian Forces

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The planet Carrotol XII has refused Imperial Compliance as such local PDF forces have dug-in to defend their military compounds.

A Platoon of Cadian 732nd Shock Troopers have been dropped to assault and destory one such facility.

Friendly Forces
  • Cadian 732nd Shock Troopers
Enemy Forces
  • Local Planetary Defence Force (PDF)


Cadian Shock Troopers are to assault Bashnya Base clear it of all opposition and defend it from retaliating forces. Once opposing force has been eliminated destroy the base as much as possible using provided Melta Bombs before returning to the drop zone.


Standard Equipment
  • IFAK
  • 4x White Smoke
  • 2x Frag Grenade
  • 1x Melta Bomb
Cadian Rifleman
  • M36 Kantrael Pattern Lasgun
  • 8x 50rd Lasrifle Battery
Cadian Heavy Gunner
  • M36 Kantrael Pattern Medium Stubber
  • 19x 100rnd Stubber Drum
Cadian Plasma Gunner
  • M3 Plasma Rifle
  • 12x 20rd Plasma Rifle Battery
  • 5x 1rnd Overcharged Plasma Rifle Battery
Cadian Leader
  • M36 Kantrael Pattern Lasgun
  • M36 Standard Issue Optic
  • Godwyn-De'az Pattern Bolt Pistol
  • 6x 50rd Lasrifle Battery
  • 6x 10rnd Bolt Pistol Magazine
Cadian Commander
  • M36 Kantrael Pattern Lasgun
  • M36 Standard Issue Optic
  • Mk3 Plasma Pistol
  • 6x 50rd Lasrifle Battery
  • 4x 15rnd Plasma Battery
  • 2x 1rnd Overcharged Plasma Battery
Ground Transport
  • 3x Taurox w/Heavy Stubber