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Saturday, September 11, 2021 - 14:00
Isla Abramia


Mission Type: 


The forces of the Seven Rings began a hostile takeover of the small island nation of Isla Abramia just days ago. NATO Forces were able to scrape together a bulwark against the invaders to stop them from taking the northern third of the archipelago, and with our assistance they were able to break through the front line to the city of Sakovo.

If we're able to take the city of Yolandi and its immediate surrounding area, then we'll have nearly a half of the nations landmass reclaimed, and more NATO Forces will be able to be sent in to provide security to cover our backs as we continue to advance.

Friendly Forces
  • Theseus Inc.
  • NATO Coalition Forces (US Armed Forces)
  • Abramia Police and SWAT
Independent Forces
  • IDAP
Enemy Forces
  • Seven Rings


With some effort, we've broken through the front line and taken the city of Sakovo. In the afternoon, some crewmen from the US Air Force dropped by and picked up the A-10 we recovered. After that, some of the NATO forces came through and helped move our supplies up to the FOB in Sakovo, giving us time to rest and recover.

Now that we've had a night's rest, we still have a couple of things to sort out. The IDAP detachment in Lower Dion still needs our help clearing out the nearby UXO by the town (more information provided in our intel). We also still have the large task of clearing the city of Yolandi of enemy forces, so be ready for heavy resistance, as the enemy have also had time to recuperate themselves.

Primary Objective
  • Clear the city of Yolandi. Eliminate all enemy infantry and assets in the area.
Secondary Objective
  • Clear the UXO near Lower Dion for IDAP.


  • 4x Arcadian GT
  • 1x Arcadian GT (M134)
  • 4x MTVR MK23 Transport Truck
  • 1x Little Bird Scout Helicopter
  • 1x Salvaged DshKM Turret Gun


  • After getting in contact with IDAP directly, we've learned the UXO that needs to be cleared is southwest of the Warehouse with the Helipad in the southwest of the town, around the forest crater.
  • Seven Rings forces will have a heavy presence in the city of Yolandi, and there are reports from refugees of that city in Dion of an enemy air asset patrolling the area. Expect the same other vehicles as before as well: Eastern Bloc armored cars, APCs, possible MBTs, etc.
Area of Operations

Map of AO



UAV Images

UAV Yolandi

After action report: 

After taking Sakovo, Theseus went to the next town of Yolandi. En route, they cleared Lower Dion from the explosives. After dismounting at VRP 2 the contractors started making their way up to the hill to OW 1 but some enemy forces got between them and because of an error in PID the armed Arcadian blue-on-blued 4 of Ares 1.

Our scout helicopter landed and we loaded our fallen and went back to base to bring some reinforcements. When the new troops hit the ground, the squad leads immediately started regrouping our forces and begin their way on the hills, and starting clearing out the town and the airfield.

12 contractors were killed in action.