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Sub Contract
Sunday, October 18, 2020 - 15:00
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Clear Skies

Livonian Government

Mission Type: 

Mission Requires Contact DLC!

Mission Intelligence

  • Law Enforcement drone has uncovered the following before being shot down:
  • Enemy has setup junk barricades throughout the town.
  • Patrols around the parimeter of the town.
  • Spotted couple some doors being barred shut.(Breacher will be required)


A known black market crime syndicate has stolen arms and ammunition alongside a few offroads from a Livoninan Defense Force's small cache outpost. They have since overrun Radacz and have reinforced the town. Many of the civilians were able to escape, however, some stragglers were caught and are being held hostage. The LDF, currently being engaged against NATO, is unable to respond and has contacted the local Law Enforcement in the surrounding areas to eliminate the syndicate boss, rescue all hostages, locate any intel found, and recover the stolen LDF assets. The LDF also notes that among the stolen cache are explosives such as claymores and notes to be on alert.

The Syndicate boss is usually seen carrying his golden AK, Berta.

Friendly Forces
  • Law Enforcement
Enemy Forces
  • Black Market Crime Syndicate


Law Enforcement is to head directly to Radacz to eliminate the syndicate, rescue the hostages, pickup any intel, and recover the stolen assets.

Primary Objectives
  • Eliminate the syndicate Boss 'Tyrese'
  • Rescue all Hostages
  • Pickup any Intel discovered
Secondary Objective

Recover the following stolen assets:

  • 3x Static Turrets
  • 1x Cargo Van loaded with Arms/Ammunition & Explosives
  • 3x LDF Armed Offroads


  • 2x Police Offroads
  • 2x Police Vans
  • N/A
  • N/A


Area of Operations

Map of AO