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Sunday, July 19, 2020 - 15:00
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Foggy Snow

CIA / Altis Democratic Party

Mission Type: 
Operation Coldfeet

Mission Parameters

Mission Specific
  • This is a prisoner transport, mobility is more important than firepower.
  • The prison is currently under lockdown until you collect Kyle.
  • Once within the prison follow the instructions of the guards and do not interact with any prisoners.
  • Kyle Katgidis (A.K.A "Crazy Kyle") is a former enforcer for the Galindo Cartel on Altis until he lost his mind. Current records show his incarceration is actually due to Theseus intervention earlier this year.
  • The agent present at the black site is concerned that the location is known to organisations in the area. It is likely the ILA will be investigating to find their missing shipment or cash payment.
Campaign Parameters
  • Usage of NVGs and suppressors is prohibited, you will be in full view of civilians and its imperative the Cartel and ILA do not realise this is an external attack.
  • Balaclavas OR full face covering must be worn to protect your identity
  • No Theseus branding of any kind. (Units insignia does NOT count)
  • The offroads and transport van cannot be left outside and visible at base. We cannot be linked to them, at the end of the mission the vehicles must be hidden back inside the building you got them from.
  • Once you return to base, you cannot leave again.


Recent events have led to a substantial amount of intel being collected on the Cartel operations in the area, but have left us with nothing for the ILA. As such the CIA have a person of interest with detailed knowledge of the ILA operations imprisoned within the maximum security prison.

Originally the intent was that one of the agents would go to collect Kyle, however with the ILA currently searching any suspicious areas for the men who stole from them this has proved impossible.

A black site has been prepared and the agent in charge of this operation is awaiting you there, he will provide you with orders

Theseus ROE is free to fire on any armed personnel attempting to prevent your movements.

Friendly Forces
  • Theseus Inc.
Independent Forces
  • Altis Maximum Security Personnel
Enemy Forces
  • Irish Liberation Army (ILA)


The CIA Station Chief has tasked Theseus with recovering an asset with knowledge of Cartel operations on Altis.

A CIA black site has been setup by an operative already working on the island on the outskirts of Kalithea. Once there hand Kyle over to him and await further instructions.

Primary Objectives
  • Collect Kyle Katgidis from Altis Prison
  • Escort him to a CIA black site and follow the instructions once there


  • 3x Offroad Covered
  • 1x Cargo Van
  • N/A
  • N/A


Area of Operations

Map of AO

After action report: