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Joint Training
Friday, May 29, 2020 - 18:00
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This is a test of the new ACRE2 Mumble plugin.
Contractors, make sure you read additional setup instructions below!


The AAF/FIA Coalition was formed shortly after the unveiling of the FIA being a falsified cause to target NATO operations across Altis/Stratis. Upon the unveiling the AAF immediately turned hostile towards NATO peacekeepers on the islands and forced them into retreat.

After the conflict was finally declared over on Altis, all that remained were small remnants of both factions left on Stratis. Holing up in key strategic points across the island NATO intelligence believes that once these are taken it will mark the end of the conflict.

The AAF are still using conventional military tactics with varying degrees of success whilst the FIA forces have switched to Guerrilla ambush tactics with a much greater degree of success, with the time coalition forces have had unopposed on Stratis it is believed that most off-road areas are now large minefields. Civilians fled the island in droves when the war broke out. The AAF have a small amount of resources to combat an attacking force, it is believed that they have no air assets with a small collection of ground vehicles.

Drone footage has confirmed at least one Pandur II APC. It is the only substantial threat to the Merkava aside from RPGs.

Friendly Forces
  • NATO
Enemy Forces
  • AAF/FIA Coalition


We will be testing a new radio communications system while capturing key locations across Stratis.

Primary Objective(s)
  • Test direct speech, radios, spectator... - note any issues!
  • Test intercom in vehicles - use a vehicle!
Secondary Objective(s)
  • Capture Camp Rogain
  • Capture Air Station Mike
  • Capture Camp Maxwell


  • 1x Merkava Tank
  • 1x M-ATV HMG
  • 1x M-ATV
  • 1x HEMTT Transport
  • N/A
  • N/A


  • FIA are in a mixture of Civilian/Military gear. Any armed military aged male is to be considered hostile.
  • FIA outnumber the AAF forces by 2:1.
  • One small team of AAF Green Daggers are unaccounted for with their last known position being Stratis, they are highly trained and significantly better equipped than their regular counterparts.