Contract Type: 
Sub Contract
Sunday, May 24, 2020 - 15:00
Local Time: 
Local Weather: 
Clear Skies

Tanoan Government

Mission Type: 
Jungle In Fire


This is a non-contract mission, Not utilising our own gear.


You are what remains of the Loyal Gendarmerie and still strive to protect the people of Tanoa.

With the Revolutionary activity your regular patrols have become even more important and you feel like today’s patrol will be more interesting than your others.

Todays Patrol Area is South of the Blue Pearl Industrial Port and 8 identified areas of interest. 3 Old Ruins,2 Bridges, 1 Village, 1 Country Lodge and 1 Communication Tower.

While the 7 of the 8 Points of Interest current state is unknown the Village at (123 112) is populated by civilians and have been known to arm themselves to protect what they have. They should not be hostile to your presence and should allow you to carry out your search.

Friendly Forces
  • Gendarmerie
Independent Forces
  • Civilians
Enemy Forces
  • Revolutionaries


Investigate the 8 Points of Interest

Primary Objective(s)
  • Confiscate any Illegal or Suspicious Items and Return them to Base
  • Arrest any Suspicious Civilians or Revolutionaries and Return them to Base
  • Take Note of any identified explosives for a Theseus EOD Team to diffuse
  • Maintain Integrity and only carry-out the above where there is sufficient evidence.


  • 3x Police Offroad
  • 1x Police Transport Van
  • N/A
  • 1x Gendarmerie Supply Box



Map of AO

Enemy Composition
  • Revolutionaries can be identified by black balaclavas they wear.
  • Arms - Old War and Civilian (Lee Enfield, MK14, Shotguns, FAL, UK-59)
After action report: 

Gendarmerie forces split into two teams to deal with the points of interest in the east and west of the AO.

The Western Team met resistance at all their points of interest but managed to repel the enemy force and secure intel and weapon stores with the civilians at village 123 112 hiding revolutionary forces.

The Eastern team met contact at their first point securing a money pile and box of explosives. After carrying their out searches at the other points with command behind nothing else was found. After regrouping with the other team it was obvious the Eastern team was corrupt as new calls from civilians report them looting and abusing their power and caring little for their commander.

Gendarmerie reported zero KIA during the operation but have detained the members of the Eastern Team and conduct further investigations in the loyalty of their own force.