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Saturday, December 21, 2019 - 14:00
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Clear Skies


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GWSC Insurgents routinely raid surrounding villages but without fail each year they really out do themselves and hit a major supply convoy intended for villages and towns in the surrounding area.

Each year the towns plead with the Russian Government who make some noise but largely ignore the situation. This year however, the towns reached out en-mass to the United Nations for aid. The United Nations put incredible pressure on the Russian Ministry of Defense who capitulated and has agreed to allow Canada to insert two Sections of Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) Tier 1 Operators into an AO designated by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Friendly Forces
  • Canadian Special Operations Regiment (2-11 man sections designated Reaper 1 and Reaper 2)
Enemy Forces
  • Paramilitary GWSC Insurgents (Soviet small arms, equipment including: DsHK HMG, Technicals, BRDM APC's)
  • Civilian GWSC Insurgents (Soviet and Civilian small arms)
  • Russian Defense Forces (Full arsenal of small arms, equipment, MBTs, APC's, Attack Helicopters, etc)


CSOR has been tasked with completing the following objectives:

Primary Objective(s)
  • Assault GWSC stronghold
  • Retrieve stolen supplies
  • Deliver supplies to towns as follows: 2 crates/pallets/boxes of each type to Zelenogorsk (Church), 1 crates/pallets/boxes of each type to Pogorevka (Church) and Pustoshka (Church).
Secondary Objective(s)
  • Capture or Kill GWSC Commander Radim Nejedly (No image available).

When all objectives have been achieved, an expeditious RTB to CSOR FOB is requested by the Russan Ministry of Defense. Radim Nejedly if captured can be turned over to Russian Defense Force near CSOR FOB.


  • x3 RG-31 Mk5E M2 MRAP


  • x2 UAV AR-2 Drone


  • x6 M72A6 AT Rocket


The GWSC stronghold is located at Grid Reference 037 | 939 known locally as Green Mountain. No images are currently available from the Russian Ministry of Defense. The affected towns are located around the base of the mountain.

The Russian Defense Ministry has limited the route of travel for CSOR to the AO and CANSOFCOM has predesignated Way Points with associated Call Signs. Reaper 1 and 2 will be required to check in on LR Channel 3 when passing each way point to the primary AO.

Travel Route Waypoints are as follows:

  • WP1 - Big Rock
  • WP2 - Pilsner
  • WP3 - Labatts
  • WP4 - Molson

Defense Ministry has proposed the following locations as suggested Rally Points

  • RP1 - Keiths
  • RP2 - Moosehead
  • RP3 - Muskoka

When the objective is secured the following Objective Rally Point should be called in:

  • ORP - Kokanee

The Russian Defense Ministry has given CSOR 4 hours to complete all objectives.

ROE for Operation Secret Santa is:

  • GWSC Insurgents (Paramilitary/Civilian) - Weapons Free
  • Civilians - Return Fire Only
  • Russian Defense Force - Return Fire Only (Russian Defense Ministry has indicated that Russian Defense Forces will be stood down from patrols and such in the direct AO for the 4 hour window)
After action report: 

CSOR Operators successfully saved Christmas! Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!