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Saturday, September 28, 2019 - 14:00
Isla Abramia
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Local Weather: 
Sunny with a touch of clouds


Mission Type: 


CSAT forces have made a quick move onto the Isla Abramia gaining a foothold in several of the smaller islands thanks to traitors within Isla Abramia army. More importantly CSAT attacked the City of Focha (019 015) in the south west of Isla Abramia which held a UN Base. This base has been occupied by CSAT forces and is predicted to be used as a foot hold for their attack on the rest of the mainland’s in the on coming weeks.

During the CSAT attack the Eastern bridge (034 017) to the island has been destroyed and is unusable.

The UN are sending in Theseus as a quick response force to eliminate the CSAT force while they are still organising themselves and hopefully while any hostages are still alive. Once you get near the Base don’t expect them to go easy on you, they will send all available forces on the island to defend that base.

There is no known civilian presence in the city of Focha.

Friendly Forces
  • Theseus Inc.
  • U.N Forces - AK and variants, PKMs, Blue Helmets/Caps
Enemy Forces
  • CSAT
    • Infantry – Katiba and variants, Negev NG7, HK121, VS-121, Cyrus, Chiappa Rhino 60DS, RPG-32, Titan MPRL,
    • Ground Assets – Polaris DAGOR, KamAZ Transport


Eliminate CSAT forces in the city of Focha (019 015)

Primary Objective(s)
  • Liberate the UN Base from CSAT occupation (017 015)
Secondary Objective(s)
  • Free any surviving UN Soldiers and leave them to defend the base after the initial CSAT response


  • Polaris DAGOR x4
  • Eagle IV x2


AO Map of AO

After action report: 

Theseus was tasked with liberating a UN compound, and rescuing any UN prisoners at the base.
En route to the compound, we got engaged by insurgents. We successfully eliminated the hostile insurgents, and proceeded to move on towards the objective town itself. With Ares Actual and Ares 2 providing overwatch, Ares 1 went into the compound and eliminated all CSAT enemies, and freed the UN prisoners.

Afterwards, Theseus returned to their FOB, unscathed.