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Joint Operation
Sunday, April 7, 2019 - 17:00
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Clear skies
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Battle of Hanstedt Co-op Event hosted by Anrop

The year is 1989. The Berlin Wall has fallen. Soviet troops intervene to prevent a German reunification. Tensions rise and soon tank columns cross the border into West Germany. The Cold War turns hot…

A direct sequel to A Bridge Too Near, this mission depicts a counterattack mounted by a US Army tank company, followed by defending against a renewed Soviet offensive. The mission is armor focused with the only non-armored assets being recon units.


  1. STOMPER will attack and destroy or render ineffective remaining enemy forces in the area up until the Ratzlinger-Hanstedt line. STOMPER CO has operational freedom within the determined area of operations, with the following guidelines:
    • Enemy armored assets and high-value targets (artillery, anti-air, logistics) should be destroyed.
    • Towns and deep forests should be suppressed but should otherwise be bypassed whenever possible and left to follow-up forces to clear out.
  2. Following the completion of the first phase, STOMPER will defend the Ratzlinger-Hanstedt line. The enemy must not be allowed to cross this line. Enemy second echelon is expected to arrive at or slightly after 2000 hours. STOMPER CO has full operational freedom within the determined area of operations and is expected to wage an active, dynamic defense.

Force composition

  • Stomper 10 (command section) - 2x Abrams
  • Stomper 1 (tank platoon) - 4x Abrams
  • Stomper 2 (tank platoon) - 4x Abrams
  • Hotel (recon helicopter) - 1x Littlebird
  • Echo (recon team) - 1x 2-man recon team
  • Whiskey (logistics) - 2x M113 ammo/repair

Enemy forces

The enemy operating in the general area consists of elements of the 207th Rifle Division.

Phase 1: Scattered remnants of a battalion from the 41st Motor Rifle Regiment.

Phase 2: Lead battalion of the 16th Guards Tank Regiment.