Contract Type: 
Saturday, March 16, 2019 - 14:00
Mission Start Time: 
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Local Weather: 
Clear weather


Mission Type: 
Iron Aegis


Theseus has been contracted by NATO, We are to help them in their operation on the island nation of Altis.
In parallel, we are to find clues on our ex-client, Sebastian Fox.

But before details, a bit of history.
2020: After another global crisis, the island republic of Altis has become a gigantic platform for drug trading between Europe and Africa.
2024: Through corruption and populism a highly controversial general managed to get elected into the highest seat in the country, not long after martial law has been declared and the island put on lockdown.
January 2025: Sebastian fox calls Theseus for close protection, apparently the local mafia, named Dolos, is after him, the reasons at the time were unclear.
June 2025: After a few rocky months and kidnapping attempts, the Altian army arrests Fox, our contractors are kicked out of the island. However they learned something quite interesting around a few beers in the airport with local officials, Fox was an accountant working for Dolos who fled after having a change of heart.
July 2025: Sebastian's son asks us to rescue his father, shortly thereafter a NATO agent contacts us, proposing us a deal, intel on Sebastian against helping their operations on Altis.
It's been a month since Sebastian's disappearance, we do not know if he is still breathing, nor do we have any good leads, which means NATO intel is the only thing we can go from.
Now, Altis being under martial law kind of complicates the matter of gear, we'll have to sneak vests, radios, smoke grenades and other pieces of equipment that might get stopped at the airport, personnel will also avoid any Theseus branding as our contractors are banned from the island.
Once we arrive on Altis we'll get picked up by our NATO contact at the airport and driven to our hideout, more information about the island will be available then.
Finding someone not related to Dolos for transporting gear was extremely difficult, but thankfully we found someone, Amawal Ayub, aka 'the shark'.
After a few days of back and forth 'the shark' accepted to carry the goods and was paid accordingly, all we have to do is bring the supplies to his port on Panthera.
We've been stationed in a small group of houses named 'ukanc' for the past week while the board of directors was trying to find someone, gunshots could be heard in the distance at multiple occasions, Amawal's port can be considered somewhat safe but the road could prove dangerous, keep your eyes out while transporting the gear.

Friendly Forces
  • Theseus Inc.
  • Panthera local army.
Enemy Forces
  • Unknown


Bring the Cargo truck to 'The Shark' in Zappados, once the delivery has been confirmed drive to Airport Lesce, we have a hangar set-up for gear storage and our departure.

Primary Objective(s)
  • Bring the truck to Amawal's port.


  • 1 HEMTT cargo
  • 3 SUVs


AO Map of AO

Amawal's Port Map of Port

Amawal (right) Map of Shark

After action report: 

Theseus was tasked with delivering a truck loaded with equipment to a contact known as "The Shark".
On the way we were informed that his port had gotten overrun by enemy contacts, and that we were to move in and rescue him.
We successfully secured the port from enemy contacts, and rescued "The Shark", as well as delivered the truck to him.

On the way to the airport, we got ambushed by enemy contacts. Despite heavy wounds, we managed to fend them off, and eventually moved on to the airport for debrief.

Two contractors were lost during the assault on the port.