Contract Type: 
Saturday, November 24, 2018 - 14:00
Mission Start Time: 


This contract REQUIRES two (2) pilots.


INTERPOL has been given actionable intel that a notorious arms dealer Felix “Big Gun” Suarez will be in Tanoa visiting his porn star girlfriend Chesty Moore on the set of her new production “Tanoa Tryst”.

As Felix is a Top Ten on INTERPOL’s wanted list AND Theseus is already in Tanoa for another contract, INTERPOL has reached out and contracted Theseus to field a second team for this “Snatch and Grab”


Felix will be at the movie set with a small but well trained and heavily armed security team.

HVT - Felix “Big Gun” Suarez
Felix 'Big Gun' Suarez

The movie is being shot in a small village (1335 | 0747) near the town of Oumere.
Shoot Location

HVT Target Location
Location Pic 1

Location Pic 2


Interpol has provided the following equipment:

  • UH-60M x1
  • MH-6M x1
  • CH-49 Mohawk x1


Current local time is 1100 Hours. Skies are sunny with no chance of precipitation.

Theseus Inc.

Private Security Team - Carbines, SAW, GL’s, Heavy body armor. Team is very well trained. ~ 6-10 Security members.


Theseus has been tasked with the following objectives:

Primary Objective:
Locate and extract Felix “Big Gun” Suarez for INTERPOL.

After action report: 

Theseus contractors were re-tasked mid-contract to recover a US State Department VIP's classified documents after his protection detail (also Theseus contractors) were ambushed and killed.

Theseus was able to switch up quickly, re-focus and assault a small compound held by a rival PMC firm and successfully recover the documents.

Due to good field organization, several prisoners were captured including an independent information broker and his laptop.

A joint investigation is underway to determine if Theseus is able to take any legal action against the rival PMC firm.

In all between the two elements, Theseus is reporting 12 contractors as KIA.