Contract Type: 
Saturday, November 10, 2018 - 14:00
Mission Start Time: 
Malden 2035

King and Hobbs


A week ago a terrorist organization struck the islands of Malden and Everon situated in the North Sea, since then, we lost contact with one of our teams on malden, further investigation revealed that they were wiped out and our clients captured.
4 days ago we received a ransom demand for Shaun King and Wayland Hobbs, our clients, NATO being too busy retaking Everon it's now on us to rescue them.

We've been deployed on a small remote airport north west of malden, intel suggests that the terrorists are holding our clients hostage in a deserted military complex.
After observing mouvements inside the complex we've confirmed that our clients are still alive, but they're pretty beat up, the chances of there being other hostages is pretty low.
We have also spotted a few manpads and technicals around the complex.

At the time of our assault our clients could either be in the 'torture room' or the 'main HQ', you'll have to check both to find them.

Launching an attack on that complex will surely trigger QRFs, which is why you are provided with an 1H-6M-L with rockets and miniguns.

1x AH-6M-L with dual minigun and 14 HE rockets
1x MH-6M
2x RHIBs

Platoon sized element, lightly armored but carrying AKs, RPGs and a few MANPADs.


Assault the abandonned military complex and rescue our clients.

- Rescue Shaun King and Wayland Hobbs.


Military Complex:

Shaun King and Wayland Hobbs:

After action report: 

After terrorists seized control of Malden and Everon, Theseus was tasked with assaulting the terrorist HQ on Malden and retrieving two HVT's.

After a quick recce of the area, Theseus elements engaged hostiles at the HQ and systematically searched and cleared the structures until locating the HVTs.

At that time both Theseus elements exfil'd to a nearby town for extraction. Terrorist QRF engaged both Theseus elements but the HVT's were extracted to a nearby airport unharmed.

Theseus is reporting two contractors were killed during the engagement.